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Online PR distribution
  • Biggest mistakes when doing PR online
    The essential principles of how to do online PR for software companies, including how to avoid common mistakes and maximize the results to attract a targeted audience and increase ability to sell software online.
  • How to distribute PR online
    The possible ways to do effective PR for software businesses aimed at increasing online visibility and profits.
  • Free press release submission services
    Free vs. paid submission services. A list of recommended free press release submission services accompanied by paid services software businesses may use to increase corporate website online visibility.
  • PR as a marketing tool for software companies
    The benefits modern way of doing PR may bring to software companies are highlighted. Much attention is paid to the ways to increase press release exposure and track effectiveness after press release is distributed.
  • PR helps selling software online
    The role of press releases for companies selling software online, the major differences between modern press releases and old-fashioned press releases.
  • SEO press releases
    Modern search engine optimized press release for software businesses and its major difference from traditional press release distribution.
  • Social media press releases
    Social media press releases (SMPR) as a relatively new way to deliver news online - how to create and distribute a press release of this kind, its benefits.
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