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EasyCommerce - Powerful eCommerce solution to easily manage your online sales. Sell your products online, accept payments worldwide, increase your cart value and maximize visitor to purchaser conversion rate. PayPro EasyCommerce has incredible flexibility and can be quickly adapted to the growing demands of your business. EasyCommerce is not just about our leading-edge technology... it is about effective marketing, offering new and better solutions to traditional eCommerce tasks. We fully satisfy all our clients, regardless if it is a new venture or seasoned enterprise.
EasyCommerce highlights:

1. How does it work?

Working with PayPro is the easiest way to sell software and other digital goods online. Instead of investing your time and money setting up secure order pages, processing payments from multiple sources and in various worldwide currencies, developing advanced sales monitoring tools, and protecting yourself from software piracy and online fraud, PayPro does it all for you. It's the end-to-end eCommerce solution that diversifies sales channels for your products and allows you to focus on developing your business and products.

2. Payment methods and currencies

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Solo, Discover, JCB, Local credit/debit cards
  • ACH (US and Canada), Wire Transfer, Boleto Bancário
  • PayPal, iDeal, Paysafecard, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Alipay, giropay, QIWI Wallet
  • Fax order, phone order (24/7)
  • Check, cash
  • SMS Payments


Want full control over your product's pricing in various currencies?

PayPro EasyCommerce lets you have the control you want over your product pricing without limitations.

Here are just a few examples of what you can achieve with the EasyCommerce pricing system:

  1. List a different price for different currencies, for example:
    • 20 USD
    • 20 Euro
    • 15 GBP
  2. Specify a "reference currency" to be used for price conversions to other currencies.
  3. Determine prices dynamically and encrypt prices within the order page URL.

3. Why PayPro is different

We know that almost all eCommerce companies offer the same things, which is exactly why we DON'T!

PayPro EasyCommerce offers new evolutionary features every month, and they're all original in design and developed entirely by PayPro, ensuring that you always stay ahead of your competitors with cutting edge and proven performance selling techniques.

Here are just a few of the latest improvements we offer:
Sell more with Cross-sale Pop-ups
Better Control with Dynamic Pricing
Flexible Subscriptions with Delayed Subscription
Smart Relative Pricing for optimizing additional offers relative to cart value

4. Billing management

At PayPro we understand that not all business models are the same. What one company requires may not be what you require. That's why EasyCommerce provides you with total flexibility when charging your clients.

Charge once

The customer is charged once when placing an order that does not include any future charges.

Flexible subscription charges

Easy Commerce provides you with full control over subscription charges . You determine the delay before the first charge, the first charge, future charges, prices in different currencies, and coupons and discounts on the subscription, and on subscription components.

Without a doubt EasyCommerce offers the most powerful subscription management system available.

Delayed Subscriptions

Delayed Subscriptions allow you to postpone the first charge and offer a "risk free" evaluation period for your clients and for yourself as well (no need to provide refunds).

Charge On Demand

Charge customers "on demand" by uploading their billing information, so customers "pay per use" according to the purchase amounts specified.

Relative Pricing

Relative pricing is a smart way to specify the price of complementary items, such as support plans and other dynamically- priced products and services, as a percentage rather than a value.


Product Price= 30% of the other products prices in the order.

5. Support

Sellers Support

Support in the eCommerce business is not like support in other industries. PayPro understands that. Once we begin managing your business, we also respond to your needs as if we were your own in-house eCommerce operation.

Some of the advantages of PayPro support include:

  • Professional and high-quality responses within a maximum of half a business day, typically within one hour.
  • Personal account managers who listen to your needs and push your requirements for you.
  • Accounting support for all agreements and documents needed by your country's financial institution.
  • Account audits with a list of suggested improvements.
  • Phone support 24/7.

Buyer Support

  • Friendly customer support 24/7.
  • Order center to accept phone and fax orders 24/7.
  • Personal attention to customers having special invoicing and paperwork requirements to make sure you never lose sales.
  • Quick responding email support, usually within one hour.
  • Friendly Support team available to call and verify orders if needed.

6. Product Promotion Services

At PayPro we perfectly understand the struggles every software developer faces. Besides channeling resources on product development, every software vendor is confronted with the time and resource consuming tasks as software submission and SEO campaigns. PayPro comes with an elegant solution to save your time and money, by offering Product Promotion packages that will considerably improve your product's marketing, which will result in a better brand recognition and more sales. Moreover, we offer translation and copywriting services for non-native English speakers to ensure successful expansion of your business on international markets.

PayPro offers a very reasonable pricing scheme grouped into 3 attractive packages that perfecty fit your business requirements. Sign up is absolutely free. There are no setup fees and no hidden fees. With EasyCommerce you're always protected from unexpected expenses.

Basic Advanced Corporate
Download Sites offered offered offered
Article Directories not offered offered offered
Press-Release Archives not offered offered offered
Social Networks not offered offered offered
German Sites not offered offered offered
Spanish Sites not offered offered offered
Russian Sites not offered offered offered
Up to 3 products not offered not offered offered
SEO Strategy Planning not offered not offered offered
SEO Audit not offered not offered offered
SEO Monitoring not offered not offered offered
Targeted Link Building not offered not offered offered
USD 35/Month USD 150/Month USD 450/Month

7. Partnership and Affiliate Management tools

At PayPro we understand how important it is to join forces to maximize your revenue. This is the reason we have developed a set of tools that allows you to conclude strategic partnerships with other vendors and easily manage every aspect of your partnership.

  • Automatically distribute commissions according to your terms
  • Limit the partnership to a subset of products and countries
  • Price the commission as a percentage value or a set U.S. Dollar value

Partnership Management - Provide a commission to your business partners, sales people, resellers or distributors based on sales originated from a specific region. Provide royalties to intellectual property owners.

Affiliate Management - Have your affiliates promote your products on their web pages, link to any web page of your choice such as your store page or home page, and provide a commission upon a successful sale.

8. Discounting

A big part of selling more is having a flexible way to manage your discounts and special offers. EasyCommerce provides you with exactly what you need to manage your special offer campaigns:

  • Discount coupons
  • Volume discounts
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Cross sale discounting

Discount coupons

With our flexible coupon management system you can easily create customized coupons in a matter of minutes.

What is smart coupon management from EasyCommerce?

  • Create coupons that can be applied to either all products in an order, selected products, only the highest priced product, or only the lowest priced product.
  • Define discounts as either a percentage or a currency value.
  • Create coupons in multiple currencies to better target specific markets (currency value coupons).
  • Set the total order minimum or maximum required for using a coupon.
  • Generate thousands of special offer coupon codes within only a few seconds.

Volume discounts

By developing new features and constantly implementing them in EasyCommerce, we provide our clients with more freedom to experiment, enabling them to generate outstanding sales results.

You can choose from 2 different schemes for volume discounts:

  1. Regular – discount is equally applied to all product copies.
  2. Progressive – discount is applied only to the last group of copies. For example, a discount of 40% for someone who buys 5-10 copies will result in 40% off copies 5 to 10 only, while copies 1 to 5 are full price.

EasyCommerce gives you the advantage of setting up volume discounts per currency – this way you can adjust the discount for each market.

9. Google integration

  • Integration with Google Adwords.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.

At PayPro we understand how important it is for any company, big or small, to have an accurate method of tracking online sales. In any business, inaccurate numbers are useless if not harmful.

A common method of tracking online sales is to place a Google Analytics script on the "Thank you" page or on another page that is triggered when the "Thank you" page displays. But for orders made via phone, fax or wire transfers, the "Thank you" page will present only payment instructions, and customer may not even complete the order. As a result, your order statistics may be deceptively high.

Google Adwords and Google Analytics are commonly used tools for tracking order statistics. In an effort to make it easier for clients to get accurate sales statistics, yet still allow them to use tools they are familiar with, we have integrated EasyCommerce with Google Adwords and Google Analytics. All required data is sent directly from EasyCommerce to your Google Analytics account: order ID, total order price, tax paid, customer location, and product information, including order ID, SKU/code (product ID), product name, product price, and quantity.

Once you have numbers that you can trust for analysis, you may be able to get better results just by optimizing your processes with no additional costs.

10. Stability, security, and performance

PayPro's cutting edge technologies provide the highest standards of care to protect cardholder's data from misuse and identity theft.

PayPro is compliant with PCI Security Standard and audited daily for required security.

PayPro is PCI DSS Certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). PCI DSS is the most important security standard for the card payment industry. All transactions are made using an SSL connection (128 bytes) provided by Verisign (Verisign SSL Certificate). The data sent from your browser to PayPro servers is always encrypted. PayPro servers are certified McAfee Secure and scanned daily by ScanAlert for known vulnerabilities.

PayPro never stores your customer's credit card information, nor shares it with any third parties.

PayPro system is highly protected against brute force password attacks as it accepts only private key connections.

11. Increasing conversions and revenue

We know the importance of finalizing orders as we take all precautions to insure that the buyer completes the transaction on the order page. As an added bonus, through optional promotions and/or follow up emails, you can persuade your customers to consider your cross-sells. We provide all the tools needed to maximize your profit.

  • Traditional cross-sales (even across accounts)

Offer related products. cross-sale is also possible between different PayPro accounts which is a great way to maximize profit. The commissions and royalties are automatically collected and distributed between accounts.

  • Advanced pop-up cross-sale

Last minute promotion before the order is completed which gives you a non-risky way to increase your revenue by offering more products after the customer has made a purchase decision.

  • Up-sells

Offer a more expensive version of the product.

  • Add-ons

Offer additions to the product. Add-ons are usually offered with the product to enhance the product look/functionality or offer a related service.

With PayPro EasyCommerce you can create negative add-ons that allow discounts on the original product price.

  • Direct sales

Offer coupon discount, volume discount, currency based pricing, and other methods to maximize profit and customer satisfaction.

  • Advanced subscription options for SaaS

All the tools are at your disposal in order to manage subscriptions automatically the way you prefer.

  • Coupon Codes/Access Codes

Offer Coupon discount. Configure and manage discount coupons and monitor coupon activity within PayPro EasyCommerce.

  • Bundle products

Offering several products for sale as one combined product.

  • Charge On Demand (optional)

Clients will receive a link to a customized order page in order to pay the charges. Emails can be sent to a vast amount of clients having unrelated charges.

  • Download insurance (optional)

Make extra income by offering download insurance that allow customers a download link to access the purchased product whenever they need it.

  • Post Purchase email

Grow your revenue instantly by offering related products (such as backup CD or tutorial DVD) after customers have ordered your product.

  • Regular and Progressive volume discount options

Offer volume discount in order to sell higher volume of products.

  • Thank you page

Offer additional products on the "thank you page" (the customer is redirected to this page after product purchase).

PayPro Data Center

PayPro Data Center, the most comprehensive, advanced reporting and information mechanism, allows you access and easy analysis on valuable purchase related information.

What's important - with PayPro Data Center you can view a report of all your pending sales and initiate a contact to increase revenue and conversion rate.

PayPro Data Center allows:

  • Access to all records within one click
  • Export the information to XML, CSV or XLS files
  • List and Graph any parameters using an advanced reporting constructor
  • Display only relevant information through extensive filters
  • Create and save custom reports just like you would save bookmarks
  • Import/Export all your product settings into an XML file and change the settings for all your products in seconds
  • Get instant notifications in various ways regarding orders
  • Get customer email reports mailed to you daily
  • Download all your licensing and order details or view it online using our reporting system.

PayPro Data Center is a powerful tool to keep complete control on your sales – detailed information is always at your hands when needed.

12. Integration

Developed especially to sell software online, EasyCommerce is an advanced solution that can be easily integrated with your environment, including your Web site, database, licensing technology, pricing strategy and tracking methods. So there's no need for additional tools.

Order page branding

We offer professional services for order page branding, so your customers feel comfortable when they make a decision to purchase. Even though your order page is hosted on a secure PayPro server, its design stays the same as your Web site, so customers won't get scared away by an unfamiliar page.

Instant Payment Notification

With IPN (Instant Payment Notification) you can easily have purchasing details sent immediately to the URL you specify. For instance, this can allow you to add records directly to your database. So you don't have to worry about missing information since it's all kept in one place. And the list of IPN variables is enormous, giving you a great deal of flexibility. We even provide sample scripts that show how to log new records to a database.

VMProtect integration

If you're a VMProtect user, EasyCommerce lets you utilize its full potential via our licensing generator that sends VMProtect registration keys to customers immediately after their purchase is finished. If you use your own license key generator on your Web site, EasyCommerce provides a nice solution for you as well by sending a request to your Web site and retrieving the key using a script that you implement.

Dynamic pricing

Want to have more control over pricing on your Web site? We offer a dynamic pricing method that lets you generate a link with the price you need. No need to go to the control panel, as we provide an external link generator to simplify the process. And dynamic pricing even lets you specify product names and descriptions dynamically.

Google Adwords and Google Analytics

Moreover, you can make use of the EasyCommerce integration with such popular tools as Google Adwords and Google Analytics to generate only accurate sales data.

By offering a flexible and scalable eCommerce solution that can be adjusted to your needs, we want you to benefit from its great variety of features and realize a significant increase in your online sales.

13. Branding

Order page branding

We understand how important it is to make your customers feel comfortable on your order page. That's why as a part of a friendly seamless integration with EasyCommerce we offer customized order pages. You personalized order pages will completely match the design and branding of your product. This will give your customers increased confidence while making a purchasing decsion. In addition, customers can always get back to your site if they need more information.

Fully customized order pages will help you gain more customers' trust and reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment.

A branding option is available for all PayPro clients and is free of charge. We start working on a professional design for your order pages right after you sign up, letting you start selling successfully as soon as possible. Moreover we offer full-time marketing and web design assistance in your selling process, constantly testing and optimizing it to reach the highest levels of conversion rates and sales.

CDs customization

Branding options aren't limited to order page customization, either. If you want to provide your customers with a customized CD containing a product backup or any additional content, you can upload a CD file and your CD cover artwork to EasyCommerce. PayPro manufactures customized CDs and mails them directly to your customers.

14. Reliability

PayPro technology and architecture was designed right from the start to provide an engine based highly reliable system with stable performances allowing modifications according to our clients needs, maintaining the flexibility and cutting edge technologies available all the time for our sellers.

  • First eCommerce RIA (Rich Internet Application) system!
  • Powerful integrations according to different clients needs, both SMB and Enterprises
  • Sellers Control and Management panel state-of-the-art RIA user interface based on Adobe Flex
  • Powerful eCommerce engine mainly based on ASP.NET, and C#
  • LINQ \ ADO.NET, WebORB, Advanced Multi-layer architecture
  • Advanced scripting options for instant global system changes
  • PCI Compliant System
  • Advanced load balancing and failure mechanism provided 100% uptime in 2008 and 2009
  • For us, a powerful system is not just a system that has everything that you need now, but also able to provide everything that you will need in the future.

15. Fraud detection

EasyCommerce is more than just a way of accepting payments. It also helps you combat the increasing threat of online fraud , which can result in lost sales, by providing:

  • Customer behavioral monitoring.
  • Geo-location fraud detection.
  • Access to leading fraud monitoring databases world wide.
  • Highly skilled team who manually reviews suspicious orders and calls for verification if needed.

Remember, a good fraud detection system should provide a balance between preventing fraudulent orders without impeding valid orders. EasyCommerce offer exactly that without any extra charges, so you can always feel safe and secure selling online with PayPro.

Start selling online with PayPro or watch videos to learn more about EasyCommerce.

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