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Telephone (US/Canada toll free) : + 1-866-933-4313 Telephone (international) : + 1-646-873-6857 Fax (US/Canada toll free) : + 1-866-724-3925 Fax (international) : + 1-416-981-7818
PayPro Chat To help you provide exceptional buyer support and increase customer loyalty, EasyCommerce includes live chat technology, one of the fastest ways to communicate with your customers.

As a PayPro client, you may take an advantage of our state-of- the-art live chat feature for free. It's easy to get started.
How will PayPro Chat help sell more products?
  • Provide instant answers to site visitors that show interest in your products.
  • Offer discount coupons, volume discounts, and other incentives to visitors who are hesitant to purchase.
  • Obtain contact information for future communications.
  • Keep customers loyal and happy, by providing them with instant access to their software provider.
  • Suggest complementary products and services in addition to the customer's primary product of interest.
  • Up-sell customers with additional features or advanced product versions.
How will PayPro Chat help provide better support?
  • Save time and money on phone support.
  • Address urgent client matters immediately.
  • Gain a quick understanding of client needs in order to resolve issues faster.
Learn more about chat features. Chat system basic features:
  • Online/offline/away status
  • Offline messaging
  • Remote administration
  • Operator management
  • "Find free operator" (a new lead is connected
    to the operator with the least amount of work)
Chat operator features:
  • Sound alerts
  • Spell checking
  • Sent email history
  • File saving history
  • Predefined phrases
  • Change status
  • User statistics
User chat window features:
  • Sound alerts
  • Sent email history
  • Fast sending/receiving messages
  • Hot keys
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