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Software Protection - State-of-the-art licensing tools to ease online software distribution As an outstanding shareware registration service, PayPro offers effective ways to handle licensing for products distributed online. Beyond traditional options like external license generator support and uploading activation codes to the control panel, advanced options like PayPro Passport and VMProtect Ultimate licensing are available to meet all possible demands of software sellers.

With software protection tools from PayPro EasyCommerce you get:

  • Choices. Use the option that best suits your product.
  • Easy license management. The entire process is automated and secure.
  • Control. The licensing process is under your complete control.
PayPro Passport PayPro Passport was designed to allow developers to embed near-zero footprint authentication technology into their existing applications. It is lightweight, easy to implement, and is available in a variety of flavours to fit within your development and implementation environment.
VMProtect The integration of VMProtect Ultimate licensing with the EasyCommerce solution lets you combine the benefits of both technologies. Use EasyCommerce to generate registration codes that can be accepted by software products protected with VMProtect.
Already have a licensing solution? At PayPro we understand that not every licensing solution we offer is meant for everyone, which is why we also offer 2 methods for easily integrating your own licensing solution into EasyCommerce.
  • HTTP license key generation
  • Pre-Uploaded license keys
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