Turn Customer Experience into Customer Loyalty


Customer retention is the ultimate goal and success factor for any SaaS business today. It is important to nurture your partners, grow customer loyalty and enhance their acquisition portfolio and their interactions with you, all of which can be achieved by using PayPro Global’s advanced loyalty features.

We customize their experience to the finest of details – from currency used to payment methods offered and language in which the content is served to the customer and win their trust and appreciation. We provide them with special early access to products you are preparing to launch by offering trial periods and capitalizing on their feedback, to further improve the product or service prior to official launch.

We reward support by offering grace periods to trusted buyers and ensure uninterrupted product usage until their payment is successfully processed.


We create customer experiences which best suit your buyers’ profiles and needs by suggesting product upgrades – for optimized performances and improved results – or complementary products and solutions, which empower your customers’ activity and help them achieve more, better and faster. Personalized cross-sell and up-sell campaigns will help increase both customer satisfaction and your business results. Act as your products customer advisor and help them make profitable purchasing decisions.


Building a transparent and flexible relationship with customers through an intelligent subscriptions system.

Customer profiling, gathering, analyzing and acting upon the feedback and data gathered from customers and testing multiple subscription models to identify the best performing model for a specific product or service or a certain type of customer.

Testing multiple subscription durations and billing cycles combination, offering customers access and control of their subscription preferences from their PayPro Global buyer account.

Other Key Tools & Features

photoCustomized email campaigns
photoSmart incentivizing tools
photoLoyalty programs