Best Practices in Chargeback

Risk Management for Software Companies A comprehensive guide to the most common chargeback reasons, how to prevent them from occuring and how to win chargeback disputes.

Every software company is confronted with chargeback threats on a daily basis. Yet little is known about the true causes of chargebacks and the procedures involved in this process. Ignoring the problem can prove devastating for a digital commerce vendor.

Get the white paper to gain access to:

  • Inside-out analysis of chargeback processing by financial institutions.
  • Risks and damages caused by chargebacks.
  • Key features to look for when selecting an ecommerce provider.
  • Industry best practices in chargeback prevention.
This white paper offers all the information a software company requires to minimize chargeback risks and stop resource leakage as a result.

Meir Amzallag

CEO of PayPro Global Inc.

“Software companies have been giving money away to criminals for too long. The true threat behind chargebacks is not money, it is time leakage and negative statistics, which can never be reversed. If a company reaches 1% in chargebacks, it risks large fines, higher processing fees or even losing one of the most popular payment methods as a result. This can prove to be devastating a business that relies entirely on online transactions.
With this in mind we have published this white paper to inform software companies that they can tackle the
problem, minimize risks and improve their bottom line as a result. They have reliable partners by their side, who are interested and willing to help them along the way.”