Lead Nurturing Strategy

Highly effective strategies to transform simple visitors into paying customers and
to maximize your revenue growth.

Software vendors spend significant amounts of time and resources to attract prospects only to see them slip through the cracks of the conversion funnel.

The buying and sales cycles are changing and often they are no longer synchronized. Buyers are more informed than ever. When prospects first appear, it does not necessarily mean they are ready to make a purchase. This means that not all prospects and leads are sales ready. In fact only 50% of your qualified leads are ready to buy (Gleanster research). According to Sirius Decisions, the average sales cycle has become 22% longer and buyers are taking more time to consider their decisions.

The following white paper includes:

  • Inside-out analysis of lead nurturing process.
  • Guidelines to find the best strategy of managing leads.
  • Identifying the key point of the campaign and establishing the lead database.
  • Leas categories and lead lifecycle.
  • Insights on marketing and sales campaign organization.
Download this white paper to find out how to nurture your leads and convert them into happy customers.