EasyCommerce Case Study: Smarttweak Software

PayPro Global is gladly sharing a success story of our prosperous client, Smarttweak Software, who is using an innovative cross-selling strategy originally created by PayPro Global EasyCommerce solutions, called Pop-up Cross-sell. After 2 years of using this solution, Smarttweak managed to:

  • Obtain impressively high scores in sales volumes (up to 48% increase).
  • Reach outstanding recognition of the products participating in the campaign.
  • Achieve overall customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for an efficient way to promote your products, bundles, add-ons or any complementary products without a risk of scaring off visitors while offering an additional item, this case study will surely come in handy.

The benefits of the Pop-up Cross-sell solution are:

  • Proven increase in sales volumes (much higher than any traditional сross-sell feature can offer).
  • Elegantly designed layout (showing respect to the shopper’s main option).
  • Risk-free of losing interest in the main product.
  • Reduces shopping cart abandonment.
  • Fully-customized pop-ups which correspond to overall website interface.

Click the “Download” button and find out how Smarttweak Software managed to increase their sales volumes up to 48% using our Pop-up Cross-sell solution.