Network builder

Now that you have defined the products you intend to promote through your affiliate network and their associated commission & available markets, you can move on to the next step of the promotion launch process – setting up your affiliate network’s campaigns.

This section’s dashboard present the list of all of your campaigns, by title and dedicated URL. You can easily edit any of the campaigns presented here or create a new campaign.


Setting up a new campaign is a quick and straightforward process – after clicking on add campaign button you will be asked to define a few essential details for your future campaigns, including:

  • Affiliate campaign name – please enter a relevant, descriptive title for your campaign, making it easy for you to find it & understand the context later on
  • Description – add a concise summary of your campaign, mentioning details such as dates, objectives, segment of affiliates involved (if your campaign is planned out for a specific class or type of affiliates)

step 1

  • Assigned products – add the products involved in this campaign, selecting them from the pre-populated list of products currently available in your portfolio. Once your products are selected (and they appear in the selection box on the right side of the screen) you will also be able to edit the Commission rates for each of these products and the Recurring commission (where applicable).

assigned products

  • Select market – choose the markets where you wish to promote your products. By default all campaigns are available globally (for all markets) therefore, if you wish to focus on a specific country, region or continent, simply uncheck the option Use all over the world and select the markets you are interested in from the list which will be automatically displayed

step 1 2

Once you have entered all this information click on generate link button to obtain the URL dedicated to this affiliate campaign.

generated link

In the 2nd step of the campaign generation you can use our automatic page generator to obtain a quick affiliate sign-up page template – simply click get code button and an HTML editing box will appear below. Copy-paste the code into your website and your affiliate “recruitment ” campaign will be live in just a few minutes.

You can also easily adjust the content of this page, by editing the code according to your needs and preferences.

Now you are done and your campaign is ready for launch!