The Settings section within the Affiliates sub-menu is the central console for all your financial aspects in your direct relationship with your affiliate network.

The default product commission and recurring sales commission are defined here and they will be automatically taken in when generating your affiliate campaigns. You can however, update these values as you see fit at anytime, by editing the corresponding fields in the product. campaign setup.

global settings

You will also be asked to activate/ deactivate a set of 4 other options impacting your affiliate network financial results – these 4 options are:

  • Commission from net – if you check this option, your affiliate’s commission will be calculated from the net value of the product, excluding taxes and other commission which may affect the product.
  • Credit on-page Cross-sells – according to your business strategy, you can allow your affiliates to gain extra commission from products sold via your cross-sell or up-sell campaigns. If you choose to do so, simply check the tickbox here to enable a supplementary commission for products sold through on-page cross-sell
  • Credit smart pop-up Cross-sells – tick this option if you wish to offer your affiliates extra credit for product sales registered through pop-up cross-sells
  • Credit Up-sells – tick this option if you wish to offer your affiliates a supplementary bonus for extra sales registered by your affiliate network via up-sell tactics

Do not forget to input the lifetime duration of an affiliate cookie (Affiliate cookie expired after) – , specifying a number of days, weeks, months or years for which the affiliate cookie will still be live. This information is requested in the last ifield on this page.

Once you have finished defining your basic settings for the affiliate network, please click save button to ensure your changes become effective immediately.