Creating and Customizing Page Templates

Pop-up Templates

This section includes advanced design and control features for your promotional pop-ups. From here you can optimize the design & logic of the sales pop-ups which will be displayed on your checkout pages.

Important: In order to benefit from all the features of this tool a minimum level of HTML code knowledge is required.

When accessing the Pop-up templates section you will be presented with the full list of default pop-up templates (readily available in our system) and the pop-up templates previously created by you – selecting one of them will also grant you the option to edit its content and/or settings.

pop up templates list

To start creating a new pop-up template simply click add pop up templates button and start customizing your next template.

As seen in previous sections, you will also have an option to simplify your content generation through the use of predefined tags (available in the menu on the right side of your window) which can be inserted anywhere needed within the pop-up template structure.


In order to preview and test your new pop-up page, simply access the product page and select a product for which you have enabled the smart cross-sell function and press test order button. Doing so will trigger the display of a test order page and of the pop-up you have just designed. This view represents exactly what your future customers will see and experiment once the pop-up template will be activated.