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Custom support phones

From this section you can create and customize multiple customer support services for any of the products or services available in your portfolio, according to their specifics and your level of service.


This can be an extremely successful component of your sales strategy – whether you’re offering customer support as a standard benefit of your products, as part of a special promotion or a bundle. Creating supplementary, dedicated support numbers will help you simplify the control of your processes while also maintaining a high level of service for your customers. This feature will also prove invaluable if you are using external, third party suppliers for your customer support – you can easily create and allocate specific support phone numbers for their teams, while maintaining a comfortable level of control over your entire customer support process.

For instance, if you plan to launch a special promotion for a specific country, which includes customer support as a benefit for your buyers, using our Custom Support Phone feature you can create a phone line with support being offered in the specific language of the country you are targeting. Once the promotion has expired, you can just as easily suspend the dedicated phone number, in order to avoid any overload or other complications.


To perform this type of targeting you can choose between identifying your buyer’s location based on the IP address of the billing country or based on the location of your customer – the support phone number to be displayed to your customers will then be dynamically adjusted based on this criteria. To create a new phone number simply click on add phone provider button and access the new creation window. You will be asked to input a set of information regarding your new support line, including:

  • Name – add a relevant title for your new support line, making sure it is relevant for the product, region/ language and promotion (if applicable) it is intended to service
  • Products – select the products for which you will offer customer support through this phone line, from the list of products currently available in your portfolio
  • Countries – by default your support phone will be available for all countries. If you wish to narrow your support coverage, uncheck the Use for all countries option and select the targeted countries from the list which will be instantly displayed below this option.
  • Phone number – enter the phone number you wish to be displayed as main support line for this particular product or campaign
  • Use billing country input – checking this option will automatically allocate and display the support phone number according to the buyer’s billing country.
  • Use IP location data – checking this option will automatically allocate and display the support phone number according to the buyer’s IP address
  • Custom message – add your personalized message for your customers, including localized versions for the supported languages (displayed as tabs below the text box). Please use the PHONE_NUMBER tag wherever you wish to insert the support phone number in your text.

Once you have finished setting the details of your custom phone support number simply click Save and you are done!

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