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Purchase link generator

The purchase link generator is the tool that will help you generate standardized and trackable URLs for all purchases made through our platform. These links need to be individually associated with each product in your portfolio and they are also intended to be used with your network of affiliates, for a centralized monitoring of your sales performance.

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You can create these links at any time prior to the start of your product campaigns, as you have complete control over their status – Active/ Inactive – and can activate them (for a specific product, product bundle or promotion) at exactly the right time for you (ex. as soon as the respective campaign goes live).

The dashboard of this section displays the full list of products in your portfolio for which you can generate purchase links. In order to generate a purchase URL simply click add button in the Quantity column.

In the editing window which will now open you will be asked to input the following information:

  • Page template – select the layout you wish to use for your Checkout page, from the dropdown list containing all available templates
  • Language – select the language in which the page will be displayed
  • Currency – choose the currency you wish to use for this Checkout page URL
  • Country – select for which country you wish to display the current Checkout page. All users browsing from an IP associated with the country of your selection will be presented with this version of your Checkout page.
  • Payment method – select which payment method you wish to offer to your buyers in this Checkout page version

Checking the Test mode option will generate a checkout test page URL that you can use to view and to make any final edits and corrections before publishing the Checkout page and using the purchase link generator.

Once you have filled in these details simply click on the Generate link button and your new purchase URL is ready to be used. Accessing this link allows you to perform a final check of all components within the page and review the entire content and layout of this page.

generated link

Here, in the example, is a view of 3 products selected with predefined templates, currency, country and payment method. The test mode has been selected so, in this case, the links generated are only intended for internal testing purpose – the next screen example shows how the checkout page will look like, along with test customer information already filled in.


The example below shows how the checkout page generated from the purchase link will look like and what your buyers will see when accessing your page. The example below is using the PayPro Global default template #3, unformatted, with a 2-step purchase mechanism:


This is an example of what information the buyer’s invoice from the Thank You page will display:

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