Managing Product Licenses, Media Files and Deliveries

License management

The License Management dashboard presents a list of your license providers (as shown in the image). From this list you can edit existing licenses or add a new license or set of licenses for your product(s).

list of license providers small

Click on icon to enlarge

list of license providers large

To create a new license click add license button. This will open a new window for you to “Create License Provider ”.

create license provider small

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create license provider large

Fill in the Name of your new license to progress to the next steps of the process.

Products to Assign: select the product, offer or bundle for which you wish to create licenses. The list presented here includes all products, offers and bundles available in your catalogue and clicking on any of them will automatically add the respective product to the list of Assigned Products. This is where you can also specify whether you wish to create 1 single key per unit of product.

Type of License List: Choose, from the dropdown list, whether you wish to generate the license keys internally or if you would like to use an external generator.

Selecting the “Preloaded License List ” option will open a new section where you can upload your license keys document and details.

TIP: After adding your license key(s), the license list in this section will be automatically updated and your license(s) will be available for edit whenever you need to make modifications.


Selecting the “External License Generator” option will require you to input further details regarding your “Custom License Info” and your External License Generator’s URL.

Media Files and Deliveries