Managing Product Licenses, Media Files and Deliveries

Media Files and Deliveries

Store Settings > Media deliveries

In this section you will be asked to add your product’s Media Files and details regarding the Media Deliveries.

media files list

Each Media File will be uploaded through our system’s built-in form and will need to include a few essential details:

  • File name
  • Associated product
  • The file size and its actions

After fulfilling this step, you will move on to the “Media deliveries ” tab, where you will be asked to add artwork/marketing graphics for your product.

media deliveries list

Click on icon to enlarge

step1 large 3

You can either use PayPro Global’s default artwork (case cover), provided as an option in this section, or you can upload your own specific artwork for every single media type of your product.

Important: do not forget to select the product associated with each artwork you upload.

Creating and Customizing Page Templates