In this section you will find information about:

Differentiation, customization, localization, conversion – these are just a few of the high profile concepts making up the marketing environment of today. In this amazingly dynamic medium the right tools, insights and processes make the difference between average and exceptional results.

Our Control Panel is packed with smart features designed to support, simplify and enhance your marketing campaigns and objectives:

  • Grow your customer base – Lead Management System, Checkout A/B Testing, Trial Promotions
  • Boost customer loyalty – Discount Coupons, Grace Periods, Customized experiences
  • Increase your average cart value – Smart Cross-sell, Smart Up-sell, Product Bundles
  • Lift your conversion rate – Checkout A/B Testing, Localization (payment methods, currencies, content), Dynamic & Regional Pricing, Lead Management System

In the following pages of the Marketing section we will help you familiarize yourself with the most important features and tools available to you in the Control Panel. Using these features and discovering the best performing mixes of actions for your products & services will, without doubt, generate exceptional results for your online operations.

Let’s begin with what everybody likes to receive – Discount Coupons!