Lead management

Our lead management system is an efficient tool designed to further optimize your online sales processes. Through it, potential customers and visitors whose interest in your products/services has been confirmed are retargeted with direct messages focused on turning their initial purchase intention into a complete conversion.

All your trial promotions, product renewals, abandoned and unfinished shopping carts on your site are registered and added to a lead management database. Drawing upon the data stored here you have a powerful tool to increase your sales conversion rates. The information available and the communication templates we’ve prepared for you will help you set up Lead Management campaigns with great ease and achieve your targets.

The Lead Management system can be activated or deactivated at any time, through the On_Off_Button switch available in this section’s first panel. If you decide to deactivate it, the lead management campaigns will no longer be automatically sent to your potential buyers.

The current results achieved through your Lead Management campaigns are presented in a graphical display, constantly updated, including data about:

  • Value – the financial results achieved through each of the lead management campaign steps, as well as the overall results
  • Follow ups – the number of lead management emails sent per each step of the lead management campaigns
  • Conversion – the overall success rate of your lead management campaigns, measured as the percentage of targeted potential buyers who have made a purchase after receiving your lead management emails.

Based on our extensive experience in the industry and specialized research, we have identified 3 main groups of users targetable through our lead management system and their profiles are available by default in your dashboard:

  • Buyers with unfinished orders
  • Trial product users
  • Buyers with abandoned orders

The number of leads currently available in your catalogue for each of these categories is constantly updated and displayed in this section, along with the status (active/inactive) of each group.

In order to further refine your lead targeting, you can create new lead groups by clicking Add_Lead_Group_Button – this will open a 2-step setup wizard. In the first step you will be asked to define a set of parameters for your new group:

  • Campaign name – set a significant title for your campaign, making sure it will help you later identify it in your inventory. Using titles such as “promo1 ” is not recommended as your list of current & past campaigns will soon become confusing
  • Campaign description – add relevant details regarding the source of your leads, the products included in your campaign and the targeted language and country of origin for your leads
  • Instant Lead Notification (ILN) – if you are using a Notification Alert System, input the required details so that we may send you instant alerts with regards to the status of your leads campaign
  • Source lead – select the group of leads you will be targeting through this campaign:
    • All leads
    • Unfinished orders
    • Abandoned checkouts
    • Trial products
  • Products – add the product(s) you wish to include in this campaign
  • Language – if you plan on narrowing the coverage of your leads campaign to a specific group of users based on their system language, select the target language here. By default the campaign will include all supported languages.
  • Country – If you wish to further focus your campaign to only address users from a specific country, please select the target country from the dropdown list here.

Please remember that you can define your lead generation groups prior to the actual start date of your campaigns, keeping their status Inactive until the moment you start running these campaigns.

Save your settings and proceed to the second step of the process – creating your follow-up message.

Please note that our lead management system can accommodate a maximum of 3 sequential email messages in a lead management campaign. You may choose to send 1, 2 or 3 follow-up emails to convert your potential buyers.

Your lead management messages are the critical factor which can convert your target audience into new buyers and this is exactly why we are offering you complete control over your communication with them. You can choose between using one of our predefined templates and creating your very own custom e-mail, which can be completely personalized, according to your strategy and the profile of your target audience.

We also highly recommend that you test multiple versions of your e-mails, for higher chances of pinning down the winning message and collecting useful information about the successful and less successful elements of your communication mix:

  • the copywriting style
  • how you present your product (graphic style, benefits, selling proposition)
  • the type of discount, product bundle or special offer you are proposing

You can achieve this wealth of information (and especially conversions) by activating our A/B Testing option.


Our A/B testing functionality helps you test the success and efficiency of your campaigns against 4 criteria:

  • A specific conversion rate – a target number of leads converted to buyers
  • A specific revenue level, in the currency of your choosing
  • A specific number of unique leads generated fixed number of unique visitors on your Checkout pages
  • The results generated in a certain time range, as defined by you

You can also associate the chosen performance criteria (out of the 4 detailed earlier) with a specific action regarding your cross-sell campaigns – simply activate the “Keep the best performing offer when the test ends” option.

For example, you can decide to continue running the campaign which first reaches the performance threshold defined by you. I.e, if you have set a criteria such as “first to reach 25 conversions”, the first campaign to register 25 successful conversions will automatically be evaluated as the best performing one (out of the pool of campaigns included in the A/B testing) and it will continue to run after the evaluation is performed.

To add another set of follow-ups for testing, simply click on Add_Test_Follow_Up_Button and a new block of emails will be automatically added at the end of the list.

Alternatively, you can choose to continue running a specific lead management campaign from those you have created, selecting it from from the drop down list.

Important: Please note that the type of lead which you select as your source for your campaign determines the minimum amount of time required to pass between the moment the lead was captured and added to your database and the moment when your first follow-up email can be sent to that lead. For example, if the lead is an Unfinished Order, this may occur because further information was required from the customer before the order could be processed and finalized. The amount of time until the first follow-up email will be sent to this customer will be established according to this event type.

You can view detailed results and track your follow-up A/B testing using the “Performance tests ” tool in PayPro Global Lab.

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