Smart cross sell

Our Smart Cross-Sell tool is designed to effectively increase your average shopping cart value by targeting your buyers with tailored offers at just the right time in their acquisition process. Follow the simple steps detailed below to find out how to correctly set up your cross-sell campaign and start increasing your products’ acquisition rate and the overall value of orders placed through your Checkout pages.

The Cross-Sell section also includes a unique feature which allows you to A/B test your cross-sell campaigns and evaluate the best performing version before rolling it out to the wider public.

The default view of the Smart Cross-Sell section displays a dashboard of your already existent cross-sell campaigns, along with the option to create a new campaign. To initiate a new cross-sell campaign simply click add cross sells button, at the top right corner of the page.

In the newly opened window you will be asked to input the basic details of your new Cross-Sell campaign:

  • Name – Add the name of your new campaign, making sure it is descriptive and relevant to your campaigns target product, period or other parameters which will help you easily identify your campaign in future searches and reports
  • Active period – Ticking the Enabled option will ensure your campaign will be up & running in the period selected by you. A calendar option will become available allowing you to define the start and end dates for your campaign
  • Cross-sell products – Select the product(s) for which you wish to activate your cross-sell campaign, from the prepopulated list of products you have added to your portfolio. Whenever a buyer adds this product to their shopping cart, the cross-sell campaign will activate and target him/ her with complementary products you will select in the next step of Cross-Sell Creation
  • Cross-sell flow – Select between a chain cross-sell mechanism (with 1, 2 or 3 steps) and a tree version (with either 1, 2 or 3 steps), according to your strategy. The tree cross-sell allows you to define the criteria/user actions which trigger the consecutive steps and the display of a specific product, defined by you in the next stage of the setup process

If you are planning to include more than 1 secondary product in your cross-sell campaign, it is advisable to choose the tree, multi-step version of the cross-sell mechanism. Based on your buyer’s interaction with your secondary promoted product (approval/refusal of the presented promotion/offer) you will be able to define the 2nd and 3rd offers to be displayed.

After filling in the basic information regarding your campaign, click Save (to save your progress so far) and then edit button (at the bottom of the page) to define the advanced settings.

Once you’ve accessed the advanced settings section, you will be asked to define the supplementary details of your campaign based on the cross-sell mechanism you have chosen – chain or tree. You can always check the model you’re currently editing by simply looking in the upper half of your window – the graphic shown there will reflect the linear or dynamic model.

offer wizard

If you have opted for the chain model you will be requested to detail every step of the cross-sell, including:

  • Name – set a title for the 1st promotion you wish be presented to your buyers
  • Description – add the description of your product, exactly as you want it to be displayed to your buyers on your Checkout page. You may add multiple versions of this description, for every language supported (displayed at the bottom of the Description box)
  • Promotion product – select 1 product from those currently available in your portfolio to promote to your buyers
  • Product logo – upload the product logo/image you wish to be displayed to your buyers
  • Discount – choose between offering the discount as a percentage of the product’s regular price or as a fixed value of its price

Important: please keep in mind that the information you enter here will be the one displayed to your buyers in the live version of your Checkout page. It is therefore recommended that you offer as many useful & clear details about your product and offer as possible. Before launching your campaign remember to perform a final check of the accuracy of your content, to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Tip: If you choose to offer your discount as a percentage of the standard price of your product, please keep in mind that the value you assign to your discount must be compelling for your buyers. Make sure that the percentage discount can immediately be perceived as an opportunity, make it easy for users to decide to purchase. Low percentages can discourage acquisition, leading to a lost lead.

Let’s take a closer look at the Product Location option that is only available for Promotion 1 in any cross-sell flow type. It allows you to choose whether you want your first promotion to appear on the checkout page (when the customer did not yet submit the order) or as a pop-up (shown after the order has already been submitted).

promotion location dropdown

Checkout page option lets you offer multiple products in one promotion that you can add by clicking add product button. This will add more product configurations below.

The pop-up version requires a few more settings on your behalf, as follows:

  • Clock countdown – if you wish to limit the visibility of your pop-up window to a certain amount of time, check this option and define its duration (in seconds)
  • Skip promotions – if your campaign will include multiple steps (2 or 3 steps), with each of these steps featuring a different product/promotion, you can select between:
    • displaying all steps of the campaign to your users
    • limiting the products displayed to the one you have set up for this step and allowing your users to select between Yes (acquisition) or No (proceed without further purchases). Once they have expressed their option, your users will be automatically redirected to the Thank You page
  • Cross sell design style – view the Default design available for cross-sell campaigns and preview your own campaign, as it will be displayed to potential buyers

You can now proceed to steps 2 and 3, to further build your cross-sell campaign.

use step

Do not forget to activate each of the next steps, as the default setting is Inactive.


Once you have completed setting up your campaign, we recommend you enable the inbuilt A/B testing – simply tick the “Activate A/B testing options ” function.

activate ab testing

Within this step, you are able to test and (if successful) apply the best performing campaign to the products you decide this cross-sell fits.

Create a memorable name for this test as it highly likely that you will soon be running numerous campaign tests and it will become increasingly difficult to identify this particular campaign whenever you will need to access/review it.

Our A/B testing functionality gives you the mechanism to test the success and efficiency of your campaigns against 4 criteria:

  • A specific sales target/volume
  • A specific revenue level, in the currency of your choosing
  • A fixed number of views on your Checkout pages
  • The results generated in a certain time range, defined by you prior to the start of the campaigns

Important: In order to initiate an A/B testing session you must have at least 2 active cross-sell campaigns.The “winning ” test result is also predefined by you and can be either the best performing cross-sell offer when the test ends, a preset offer or your preferred offer, chosen from the “Performance tests ” while the test is still running (you can find out more about A/B testing in the “Performance tests ” section).

To add another test configuration click add new offer button.

When completed the offer setup click finish button and it will appear in the list of offers in campaign settings page.


You’re able to continue creating as any offers as you wish by selecting add new offer button for the same product and test the results using the same criteria chosen in A/B testing.

Once you have finished making all the selections and edits for your cross-sell campaign make sure everything will be integrated in your live campaign by clicking the Save button.

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