Up-sell is the perfect tool whenever you’re launching a new & improved release of previous products or services or a superior version for them (ex.Premium, DeLuxe, Enterprise, Ultimate). Up-sell gives you the means to promote a higher-cost product to shoppers who have already added a cheaper version to their shopping cart. You are targeting buyers already convinced of your overall product benefits, at the moment with the highest level of purchase intention, in the critical step of the Checkout flow.

When accessing the Up-sell section in the Control Panel the first view will be the dashboard containing previously created Up-sell campaigns – name, date when they were created and their current status: active/inactive. All campaigns can be edited or copied at any time.

To create a new campaign simply click on add up sell button.

When beginning to set up your new campaign you will be asked to fill in a set of details, including:

  • Status – select between Active/Inactive, according to the timing you have planned for this campaign (to run publicly immediately or at a later date)
  • Name – set a relevant title for your campaign, which would help you easily identify your campaign in the future
  • Description – be as generous as possible with the information you add in the campaign’s description, including details about the promoted product, targeted audience, whether it is a standalone campaign or part of a bigger marketing strategy
  • Up-sell products – select the product(s) you wish to include in this Up-sell campaign from the list of of products currently available in your portfolio
up sell settings 1

Once you have completed setting up your campaign, we recommend you enable the inbuilt A/B testing – simply tick the “Activate A/B testing options ” function.

Our A/B testing functionality gives you the mechanism to test the success and efficiency of your campaigns against 4 criteria:

  • A specific sales target/volume
  • A specific revenue level, in the currency of your choosing
  • A fixed number of unique visitors on your Checkout pages
  • The results generated in a certain time range, defined by you prior to the start of the campaigns
test parameters

Important: in order to initiate an A/B testing session you must have at least 2 active cross-sell campaigns.

You can also associate the chosen performance criteria (out of the 4 detailed earlier) with a specific action regarding your cross-sell campaigns – simply activate the “Keep the best performing offer when the test ends ” option.

For example, you can decide to continue running the campaign which first reaches the performance threshold defined by you. I.e, if you have set a criteria such as “first to reach 25 sales ”, the first campaign to register 25 sales will automatically be evaluated as the best performing one (out of the pool of campaigns included in the A/B testing) and it will continue to run after the evaluation is performed.

Alternatively, you can choose to keep running a specific Up-sell campaigns you have created earlier, selecting it from from a dropdown list.

Once you have secured the general settings for your campaign and the details regarding A/B testing, the last step towards the launch of your campaign is to create the offers promoted through this campaign.

Please remember that if you have activated the A/B testing function you need to add a minimum of 2 offers.

The Offer section requires you to input the following information:

  • Name – create a unique name for your Offer, relevant for the product it refers to and easy to understand for the future viewers of your offer
  • Description – add the description of your product, exactly as you want it to be displayed to your buyers on your Checkout page. You may add multiple versions of this description, for every language supported (displayed at the bottom of the Description box)
  • Product – select the product you wish to promote through this offer
  • Product logo – upload your prefered artwork for the product you are promoting, keeping in mind that this visual will be featured in the live version of your Up-sell campaign
up 4 small

Click on icon to enlarge

up 4 large
  • Discount – Choose whether you wish to offer your discount as a Percentage of the product’s standard price or as a specific Value which you will define here. If you choose the Value option, you will also be able to input this discount value in multiple currencies (as many as you wish) from the list of supported currencies. Should the buyer use a currency for which you have not defined the discount value, it will be determined through an automatic conversion from the base currency

Once you are done creating your Up-sell click Save and decide whether you wish to add a new up-sell or have concluded your current up-sell campaign.

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