PayPro Global Lab – Product reports

Within Product Reports , you will be able to consult the average KPIs of all products created in your PayPro Global account: product score, cart value, conversion rate and revenue gained. The table below shows all active products and the data analyzed for each of them, over a monthly period.


Now let’s look closer into how each metric is being calculated and why it is important to track them when selling software, services or digital products online.

Cart value: a fundamental metric which represents the average total value of the shopping cart for products sold by a particular vendor. Simply said, this indicator represents the average order value for the orders submitted by your customers.

Conversion: this represents the ratio between the number of viewed product items and the actual number of product items submitted in the order.

Revenue: the net profit received by the vendor for its online sales. It is being calculated by subtracting the PayPro Global commission & transaction fees from the total value of all sales made by the vendor.

Product score: a simplified value, created and generated in the PayPro Global system, reflecting the overall success of the vendor’s online sales. This value is the results of an evaluation performed over the cart value, conversion and revenue results, along with an assessment of the campaign configuration selected by the vendor. This score is positively impacted by all future improvements in the vendor’s product, pricing or campaign strategies and can grow as a result of such measures.

Each metric in PayPro Global Lab has a current and dynamic value. The current value is a reflection of the results registered over the last 30 days, while the dynamic value represents the variations in business results recorded in comparison with the previous 30-day period (shown in brackets with increasing Up_Arrow or decreasing Down_Arrow icon).

Clicking on View_Button or decreasing will take you to the “Product Analysis ” of the selected product.