Product Creation


Step 4 – Deliveries: organize the digital & physical product deliveries for your customers

In this section you will define the delivery settings for all your product types: license keys, digital downloads, backup media or physical products.

step4 small 1

License Keys: this is a list of all license providers currently available in the system. If a license provider has not yet been created in the “License management ” section under “Store settings ”, you can go ahead and set it up whenever needed. You can easily navigate to “License management ” by clicking add license provider button. Once you have finished generating your license keys and you have saved your progress, you will be automatically taken back to the product delivery setup step and your newly created license key will become available in the “License Key ” dropdown box.

license key provider dropdown

Support phone provider

This step of product creation also includes the option to assign a specific “Support phone provider ” to a product you are creating. Simply choose one of the options available in the drop-down list. If you have not yet set up any support phone numbers, click on add phone provider button and you will be automatically redirected to the “Custom support phones ” under “Developer tools ” section.

support phone provider


Digital downloads: select the source from which your customers will receive a download link for your product:

  • None – no download available for your product
  • Download from my own server – host the download kit for your product on your own business server and provide the direct link for download
  • Download from PayPro Global server – host the download kit for your product on our servers, by uploading your files through the dedicated form – your product will be made available for download to your customers immediately after purchase confirmation. Using this service will imply a supplementary tax, covering the costs related to our secure hosting.

By ticking the option “Allow extended download period after purchase ”, you will be given further choices to select from, as shown in the image.


Download warranty

Selecting the option to allow the product download kit to be made available for an extended period after purchase, will activate supplementary settings for your product delivery:

  • Download warranty by default – when activating this option, the Extended Download Warranty will be added by default to your customer’s shopping cart (as a supplementary service). This option can be removed by customers at any time in the checkout process, by simply unticking it in their shopping cart. Please note that the Extended Download Warranty is a paid service – your customers will be charged with 11 USD for this option (this cost will be displayed in their shopping cart). Tip: It is statistically proven that the majority of customers are interested in buying the Extended Download Warranty service, but they usually forget to add it to their shopping cart. Offering this service also reduces the volume of support offered to customers who fail to download their purchased product within the standard timeframe.
download warranty by default
  • Absorb Download Warranty Cost – Activating this option means that you will cover the cost associated with the Extended Download Warranty, on behalf of all acquiring customers. The corresponding value will be deducted from your monthly sales payout.
  • Additional Download Warranty Surcharge – You can choose to have a supplementary tax, on top of the standard 11USD tax charged by PayPro Global for the hosting of the Extended Download. The value of this supplementary tax is entirely at your discretion. Please note that this will increase the final cost charged to the customer – ex. if you add a 5USD Additional Surcharge, the total cost for your customer will be: 11USD (PayPro Global tax) + 5USD(Additional tax) + Product Cost.
  • Max. Days Available – Define the number of days for which the downloadable product kit will be available to your customers. If left blank, the default value will be applied – 10 days.If you did not activate the Extended Download Period option, the default period during which the product kit is available for download to your customer is 3 days.
  • Max. Downloads – This value represents the maximum number of times your customer can download the product kit. If left blank, the default value will be applied – 10 downloads.

Backup Media

  • Backup Media – this gives you the option to offer your customers CD, DVD. Selection of any one of these options will prompt you to add the respective media.
step4 small 4
  • Physical Product – when activated, this feature gives you the option to add the details of your physical product – weight in grams – and you will be prompted to access a supplementary section where you will add the shipping details: supported shipping regions/ countries and global shipping costs associated.
Step 5 – Checkout