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Product Creation – Notifications

Stay up-to-date with the status of your online business 24/7, all year round, using PayPro Global’s instant reporting & notification tool. Receive alerts for all activities registered on your site, based on predefined event triggers.

All events and activity occurring on your website is instantly communicated through a report sent to your mobile phone (through SMS messaging) or through a mail message notification (sent to specific people, teams or departments).

Selecting the notification-via-SMS option will activate the delivery of all notifications related to the topics you have selected to the phone number indicated by you, along with a daily summary report, covering the activity & events which had occurred.


Choose between receiving all system notifications to a single e-mail address or to distribute the various types of notifications among multiple e-mail addresses within your team.

To add multiple addresses to the notification pipeline just click on the “+” button next to the “Primary contact e-mail ” field. This will open a list of notification types, allowing you to allocate a dedicated e-mail to a specific department: System, Sales or Support notifications.


Based on the data you input here, our system will send the notifications only to the e-mail address indicated by you for that specific type of notifications.

Using this notification distribution feature allows you to ensure that critical information reaches those responsible for that specific area (sales, support, etc) and empowers your team to react quickly and in the most efficient manner to any occurring event.


You can further detail the way information is circulated in your organisation, by allocating certain event-related messages to specific e-mail addresses of the members of your team – ex. periodical orders summary, subscription/renewal rejection, refunds, chargebacks, etc.

You may also create rules for e-mail notifications for specific products in your portfolio. Just indicate the products you wish to receive alerts for and add the e-mail addresses to which these alerts should be sent.

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This special feature is extremely useful when you wish to track the events and results associated with one of your promotional campaigns or special offers and for an overall detailed monitoring of how your marketing and sales efforts are performing.

The second type of notification method is via SMS. When setting up SMS notification alerts, you can choose to receive order notifications, as well as daily summary reports.

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