Quick Start Guide

Account Settings

Under Account Settings you can access the options & controls for multiple areas: business information, your profile, user management, vendor transfers and withdraw funds. Access to the system is managed here, allowing you to have distinct user management rights for each separate user in your system. Through a quick view list you can immediately see who has access and what roles (user or administrator) they have.

Change account: now you can easily switch between accounts by clicking Select_Button next to the appropriate account. Here you can see all accounts in which you are involved as a user.


ID: account identification number

Vendor ID: vendor identification number

Note: one vendor can have multiple accounts and one account can have multiple users.

Business info: here you may find your vendor ID and edit your business details, as well as your primary contacts information.


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My profile: this is where you manage the Control Panel access. Here you can change your login information, like username and password, along with user contact details (not vendor account).

User management: This feature allows you to have distinct user management rights for each individual user in your system. A quick view list is presented so that you can immediately see the rights allocated to all users with access and the type of user or administration roles they have.


Vendor transfers: the ultimate tool for V2V transfers. All you need to do is to mention the amount and the recipient. You also have the option to initiate real time transfers or scheduled transfers.

Withdraw funds: now you can manage and control all the payouts for your vendor account. The first step is to choose or create a withdrawal account.


To create a new account click Add_Account_Button and you will be redirected to the “New withdrawal account ” page. Here you may set the name for a withdrawal, choose payment method, currency and enable email alerts.


Payment method options include:

  • Wire transfer
  • ACH
  • Webmoney
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal

Please keep in mind that having multiple currencies in your account balance will generate exchange rate costs.

The transfers and withdrawals can be set up as scheduled operations or performed manually, whenever required.


In addition, PayPro Global’s system will automatically generate Acceptance Letters for each payout recorded in your account. These documents can be found in the Acceptance letters tab of the Withdraw funds section.

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