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The top right section of the Control Panel displays a selection of icons which are always visible. These are the bookmarks you select throughout the Control Panel, which allow you to navigate quicker & easier through your dashboard. Adding these bookmarks does not imply saving them to your browser’s bookmark list, they are only added to your Control Panel’s bookmark tab.

When you create a bookmark and place it in your tab, it will always be displayed as shown below. In this example we have bookmarked “My info ” and “Create new coupon ”. Saving bookmarks in this manner means that you can easily & quickly access them on every page or section of the Control Panel.

The typical usage of this function is to create a list of frequent and useful shortcuts in your Control Panel, saving you plenty of time for more important things.

bookmarks tab

To add a bookmark to your list all you have to do is:

  1. Click on the “Bookmark ” icon bookmark icon found in the top right corner of every page in the Control Panel – this will add a bookmark to the list of your user bookmarks.
  2. Hover over this icon bookmark settings icon on the top navigation bar in order to see “Bookmark Settings ” and a list of the bookmarks sorted by the sections in the control panel.

Here you have a few options to set up your preferences and manage your Control Panel bookmarks.

bookmark drop down menu

After selecting the Bookmarks manager, you will be presented your bookmarks to either remove or add to your tab bar, to be visible on every page while working with the control panel, giving you fast access to the most useful and frequently used tools.

The fundamental benefit of this feature is its ability to let you customize your navigation within the Control Panel and to save you time & energy by providing fast access to the items most useful and relevant to you.

From the bookmark list you can easily manage all the bookmarks you have created.


For the benefit of speed and accessibility, these can be set and managed by different users, each with his/her own set of frequent and preferred operations within the Control Panel.

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