Quick Start Guide


Once logged in your Control Panel, the first window to be displayed is your dashboard – containing an instant overview of the latest activity and purchases on your site. The information blocks included in your dashboard can be easily rearranged, through a simple drag-and-drop system, allowing you to choose the best suited configuration according to your key business indicators.

main dashboard small

Click on icon to enlarge

main dashboard large

Selecting any main section from the menu (on the left side of your screen) will open the respective section and load its own dashboard, usually displaying the actionable information in a chronological order.

menu dropdown

Subsection items (displayed after selecting a main section) sometimes show a “+” sign – clicking it will open a window where you can easily add a new item from that particular section.

Each section incorporates a step-by-step workflow, designed to help you quickly create what you need, when you need it, without having to write down or memorize the necessary steps. Using our on-screen help you only have to follow the mentioned steps.

Some items will be accompanied by a tooltip icon sign – hovering your mouse over it will open a user tooltip, a text box explaining the item or detailing how it works and what its use is.

To navigate the steps of the item creation you can choose between using the classical “Next” button (at the bottom of the page):

wizard navigation buttons

and the step titles (at the top of the page), depending on what feels more natural and intuitive to you.

wizard bar

There are also other ways to navigate from page to page, step by step, giving you an intuitive and user-friendly structure and manner of working within the PayPro Global account.

breadcrumbs bar search bar

Some edit boxes can be enlarged, for a better view of their content – this can be done whenever you see 2 angled lines in the bottom right corner of the text box. Dragging the corner with your mouse will expand the text box.