Drill down reports

The Drill Down Reports section hosts a set of 5 overview analyses for your online performance, based on 5 main criteria:

  • Order & Customers – review order volumes and their associated gross revenue, their evolution over time or during specific intervals, customer profiling (country, language, device used, day and time of day when purchases were made, etc), payment methods used and type of acquisition (recurring)
  • Sold products – see the evolution of product sales, how your promotional campaigns are performing or in which countries your products are registering the best results
  • Page actions – detailed analysis of your customers’ interactions with your website
  • Transactions – overview of your account’s balance, the volume and type of transactions processed and their chronological distribution
  • Subscriptions – deep dive into your product/service subscriptions including their status, renewal type, bundle packages and trial version details

Aside from an interactive graphical representation of each of these categories of reports, every dashboard within the Drill-down Reports sections also includes a detailed report of the information you have selected for viewing.