The Orders section offers you a quick & relevant overview of your online performance, based on orders registered for your currently available products. Using the information available here you can:

  • assess the best performing markets for your products – using the Country and Currency reports
  • outline profiles of your customers – by seeing their preferred Payment method, the type of devices they use – through Browser and OS reports, the time of day when they like to shop – through the Customer hour analysis, etc
  • understand the seasonality and growth patterns of your products/ services – by analyzing the evolution of your orders on a Yearly, Monthly and Daily basis
  • determine the value of your affiliates network – by reviewing orders generated by your network through the Affiliate agreement repor

Each Orders report includes a visual graphic reflecting the short term evolution and historical comparison of specific metrics, to help you better understand your results when selling online.

orders graph

This report gives you all the fundamental data you need in order to efficiently track your orders.

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