Orders and Customers


When first accessing the Orders & Customers section you will see a visual representation of your total orders over time, reflecting your sales volume (number of orders) and the associated revenue (gross revenue)

The graphic can be customized to display the exact information you are interested in, using the filters available on the left side of your screen:

  • Search – look for a specific product or order
  • Date placed – see the status of your orders today, the day before, in the past 7 or 30 days, the current or previous month or for a custom range of time as defined by you using the inbuilt calendar
  • Total price – filter the orders based on their value
  • Supplementary filters – see the evolution of orders based on a wide range of criteria such as:
    • Payment method used (out of those available in your shop)
    • Currency
    • Product purchased
    • Country, state and language of customers
    • Order status – Processed or Waiting
    • Recurring payment
    • Date & time of purchase – by Hour, Day of Week and Time zone
    • By source – Partner (affiliate)
    • Customer technical details – Browser used, Device type and even Screen Resolution

Below the visual area of the Orders & Customers section you will see the Detailed Report area – a list view of your orders’ performance, displaying information based on the selections you have made in the Filters menu.

The data is displayed in chronological order, with the most recent order being shown at the top of the list.


By dragging the slide bar beneath the Detailed Report window you can review all available information for the orders returned based on your filtered search – all parameters, such as date, billing country, device type, product, etc – are displayed here.

Drill down reports