The Others category in the Reports section represents a rich selection of predefined cross-criteria reports, designed by the PayPro Global team to further help you attain a clear, focused insight into various aspects of your business performance. Based on our e-commerce expertise and the insights gained from our partners, we have created a set of reports which cross-analyze performance indicators (sales volumes, payment methods used, user-preferred languages, browser and devices used, etc) so that you can identify trends, opportunities and potential threats as they occur.


Over 25 detailed reports are hosted in this section, covering business indicators such as:

  • Conversions: by country, currency and language
  • Retention
  • Orders: by currency, parameter, coupon and status trends
  • Payment methods: by popularity, currency, country and user device
  • User Demographics: top language used, popular browsers, operating systems and devices
  • Geographical data: various indicators analyzed per country
  • Support reports
  • IPN

The Conversion report available here delivers a highly detailed perspective into the success of your product portfolio and ongoing campaigns. From the Orders Conversion to the Processing Conversion and the current status of all orders (Now Processed, Cancelled, Waiting, Refunded, Chargeback) and trials used, all relevant conversions registered are visible here. By adding dynamic parameters and filters such as date range, country or product, you can instantly obtain the business snapshot you need. See exactly what these conversions and micro-conversions mean for your business through the financial results displayed here – taxes, refunds, affiliates and PayPro Global costs.


The Retention report is a clear view of the status and details of subscription renewals performed by your customers (including the percentage of successfully paid renewals), as well as subscription renewals forecasted for the current billing cycle. Filter the data analyzed and displayed by defining the target period of time and the products included in the report. The Retention Report data is automatically filtered based on the billing cycle configuration of your products/ customers and the starting date of the initial subscription.


Having control and continuous, full awareness over your financial status is a critical aspect which can make the difference between a good and a poor business decision. That is exactly the key information that the Balance Details report delivers, through a straightforward statement of your costs, revenues and starting and ending balance. Choose the period of time for which you wish to see the evolution of your finances and the report will automatically retrieve the key aspects (and their associated values) which occurred during that interval:

  • Customer generated revenue
  • Taxes
  • Revenue received by you
  • Refunds value (if any)
  • Revenue generated by affiliates
  • Starting date balance
  • Ending date balance

Furthermore, you can stay up-to-date with this information by scheduling the report to be automatically generated and sent to the email(s) of your choice, with your preferred frequency. You may also save a local copy of a report generated here, anytime, by using the Export function – available in PDF format.


Checkout A/B testing is an optimization method we highly recommend to all our vendors as an effective way to improve the quality of your customers’ experience and, subsequently, the level of your conversion rate and revenue gained. In order to correctly understand and interpret the results achieved by your A/B testing campaigns, we have created a dedicated Checkout A/B Testing report capable of retrieving the critical information you need. All your campaigns and their associated page version URLs are monitored here, taking into account the key performance indicators:

  • Checkout page visits
  • Orders registered on the checkout page
  • Conversion rate achieved by each page

For your convenience, all of these reports are available in both a graphical version and a numerical, spreadsheet form. As with all reports within your PayPro Global account, they can be further enriched by applying supplementary filters and you can always save them locally, for later analysis or integration within your own evaluation systems. The vast and detailed information processed through these reports will surely help you gain a thorough, 360 degrees understanding of your business and make well documented management decisions.