Identify and Nurture Renewable Streams of Revenue

Prospective customer development – your key to business growth


The first contact is not always sufficient to seal the next productive relationship, but with the right tools and strategies we can maximize the number of visitors that are converted to active buyers.

Once we know more about a products potential future customers (through information collected in various contact points with your business), profiling them with increased accuracy and reaching out to them with personalized offers (through dedicated follow up campaigns with customized content and offers) we will surely gain new, enthusiastic customers.

Grow a durable and rewarding customer base


Investing time and attention in customer relationships is the key to building a solid, invaluable foundation for your business growth and satisfaction. Enrich your interactions with customers, offering great customer experiences and benefits to win their loyalty.

Use the extensive data collected, filtered and stored in your PayPro Global account to understand key customer metrics and behavior, build strategies adapted to the customers’ profile and plan their execution with optimal efficiency.

Access the predesigned reports available in your PayPro Global account and discover all the sales and marketing information you need to create and implement winning strategies for new sales, customer retention or customer development. Define your own reports and control how information is distributed among your team members for a complete information management system.

Explore new strategies and stay ahead of your competition


E-commerce is one of the most competitive industries of the moment, meaning today’s competitive advantage will lose its relevance by tomorrow.

Stay ahead of your competition and the ever-changing trends of the market by partnering with us and enjoying the benefits of our powerful proprietry tools, and let us help you adapt it to your products specific needs.

Our optimization and A/B testing – evaluate, improve and move your business forward using PayPro Global’s efficient A/B testing features – from e-mails to pricing schemes and checkout templates, you have the ability to test the success factor of all variables within your e-commerce business.