Don’t recognize a charge in your account?
Let us help you identify its source.

PayPro Global is a international reseller of software, SaaS and digital goods and services, providing secure payment processing for vendors all over the world. If you recently acquired products falling into one of the categories mentioned above, the product’s vendor was most probably a PayPro Global partner.

To confirm this please use the form below to look up your charge and its associated products & vendor, based on a few basic details:

I identified the transaction but I want to receive a refund – how can you help me?
We will be happy to fulfill your request, in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. Please fill out a ticket to request a refund and we will make sure that your product’s vendor will receive it shortly.
I recognize this order but I haven’t received any confirmation since making the payment – where is the product/ service I paid for?
Confirmation emails and all details you need to start using your product/ service are usually sent instantly after the payment has been made. Therefore, please make sure that you did not overlook the message containing this information – please check your Spam folder as well. If you cannot find the confirmation email please contact our team as soon as possible – we will be happy to help.
My order should have been declined – why was I still charged? How do I get my money back?
If you have cancelled your order but the funds associated with it are not visible in your account this is most likely happening due to your money being held in an “Authorization Hold*”.
*Authorization hold is a standard bank procedure which implies reserving (freezing) the funds in an account, in order to pay for a specific purchase. Money currently in Authorization Hold have not actually been charged, they are still in your account – they are, however, unavailable for your use until the current transaction has been finalized. The standard duration of the process is 5 – 7 business days (depending on the card issuing bank). For more details please contact your card issuer.
My account is getting charged each month (on the same date) with the exact same amount. Why is this happening?
If you are receiving monthly charges for the same value you have most likely purchased a subscription-based product or service. Such products imply recurring payments of similar value for a predefined duration.
How can I cancel a subscription/recurring payment?
If you wish to cancel a subscription please submit a request through our dedicated online form and our team will process it shortly (within 24h). Once your subscription has been cancelled you will receive a written confirmation at the email address you have used to make the purchase. You will no longer receive any charge associated with this subscription.

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