Intelligent Actionable Reports for Agile Business Strategies

Product analysis and improvement tips


PayPro Global Lab’s detailed product reports act as your very own product development consultant – quickly identify opportunities and threats, top performances and areas of improvement in your product portfolio.

Gain valuable insights in seconds about optimal offer structures, various pricing results and customers’ reaction to different variables affecting product packages.

E-sales optimization guide


Receive targeted optimization recommendations for each product in your portfolio and easily implement suggested product settings improvements.

Monitor results attained and further refine your product, sales and marketing strategies. Identify key learnings and apply relevant improvements to other products or campaigns currently available.

A/B testing intelligence centre


All the A/B tests ever performed or currently running through your PayPro Global account are stored and individually analyzed in the PayPro Global Lab’s dedicated section.

Key learnings, comparative results and an all-inclusive perspective of key variables and their influences on the overall performance of your online sales will help you constantly fine-tune your campaigns and secure a competitive edge.