Lead Follow-up Strategy Case Study


PayPro Global, a leading international ecommerce provider to sell software and digital goods online, announced today the release of Case Study featuring a success story of successfully engaging leads by implementing a lead follow-up strategy in a purchase lifecycle. The case study is available to download free of charge.

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In order to build a strong connection with the “unsure” customers and recover the maximum of lost sales into completed orders,it is critical to find the best solution for collecting leads and converting them into product users. The benefits of using an automated lead management system are:

  • Lead collection: gathering filled-in information from the abandoned shopping cart
  • IDP (Instant DroP Notification): sending all collected data automatically to the remote database
  • Automated follow-up emails: 3-step emails sent automatically to collected leads at scheduled intervals with ability of adding a certain discount

Email follow-ups has proven to be one of the best and most effective practices of lead engagement resulting up to 18% lift in revenue. This strategy gives a vendor ability to build strong connection with profits that furthermore increases the total number of sales. The case study demonstrates how lead follow-up strategy helped ManiacTools to achieve the following results:

  • Monitor and analyse reasons of shopping cart abandonment
  • Achieve product brand recognition
  • Get 31,8% open rate for follow-up emails
  • 10,6% lift in captured revenue

“Before using EasyCommerce platform our company didn’t use any lead management system with email follow-up engine, all the leads were just lost sales. After implementing follow-up strategy we’ve noticed a lift in our revenue and increased consumer satisfaction in the service. PayPro account managers completely set up the lead management platform for our convenience and helped us monitor all follow-ups sent to the potential leads.” – Alex Pavlenko, Founder of ManiacTools.

The case study describes the automated lead management solution along with the efficient email follow-up strategy. The document is available for download absolutely free of charge Here

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