Ammyy Inc chooses PayPro Europe as eCommerce provider


PayPro Europe the international provider of innovative tools to sell software online announced today its partnership with “Ammyy” Inc, a leading remote PC control software development company. Ammyy Admin offers extremely advanced and flexible remote PC control and remote desktop sharing tools that are widely used among personal, middle and large-sized corporate users worldwide. It is specifically designed for efficient system administration and technical support operations. By the end of 2012, the active number of users of this software exceeded 15 million.

Among the main advantages of Ammyy Admin are the time-saving tools and simplicity of use. Unlike the other remote control software on the market, Ammyy Admin just needs a few seconds to establish a remote connection. The software also offers the capability to control PCs remotely, that are connected to various local networks, working behind NAT. Ammyy Admin doesn’t require any real IP addresses, port forwarding and other additional settings. The software is transparent for firewalls and doesn’t require installation or to be run under administrator rights. It also uses a very powerful encrypting algorithm based on hybrid AES + RSA encryption. A great merit of Ammyy Admin is that it uses remote computer’s unique Hardware ID to establish connection, which considerably increases the safety of data exchange and eliminates the threat of unauthorized access to the remote PC.

PayPro Europe’s EasyCommerce platform to sell software online is quickly gaining ground among software companies such as “Ammyy” Inc due to its flexibility to adapt to any digital business model. It offers a wide array of sales and marketing tools, optimized checkout and quick support. Comprehensive real-time reporting tools offer software publishers the possibility to quickly identify their weak points and address them to increase their sales. PayPro Europe frequently introduces new features to successfully meet the increasing demands of the always-changing software industry environment. PayPro Europe offers a large variety of global, as well as localized payment methods, in order for their partners to take strong positions on various markets around the world.

The new capabilities of Ammyy Admin 3.1 are:

  • Considerably enhanced voice chat
  • Direct connection via IP address capability
  • Enhanced data encryption algorithm
  • Enhanced image compression and transfer algorithms. The transfer speed of remote desktop image was considerably improved. Enhanced transferred image quality settings.
  • Added capability to measure video adapter technical parameters
  • Added capability to measure channel technical parameters (bandwidth transfer rate and round trip time)

You can learn more about Ammyy Admin 3.1 and download it at the official Ammyy Inc. web site


Ammyy Admin is free of charge for non-commercial use only.
Paid licenses can be obtained at

About Ammyy Inc.

“Ammyy” Inc is one of the leading remote desktop control software providers in the world. The most popular Ammyy product is Ammyy Admin. Since the moment of its inception, Ammyy Inc. has developed efficient solutions for remote system administration, remote helpdesk and distance education. Ammyy’s products and products-based solutions are widely applied among both personal and large-sized corporate users.

About PayPro Global

Founded in 2006, PayPro Global Inc. develops and hosts a flexible eCommerce platform to sell software, SaaS and cloud services. PayPro Global's mission is to deliver innovative solutions that help company's partners optimize conversion, increase shopping cart value and improve sales. The platform supports global payments, regional currencies, local payment methods and multilingual checkout. The company also offers software enterprises state-of-the-art licensing, activation and anti-piracy protection for their applications.

PayPro Global Inc is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with development centers in Ramat Gan, Israel and regional offices in New York, USA, and London, UK.