Soft Integrator LLC launches cloud productivity software


Toronto, Canada – Soft Integrator LLC the international provider of professional multimedia management software, announced today that it enters B2B market with their new product Time Inspector, which will help numerous organizations increase overall employee productivity. The software can be purchased at

Time Inspector is employee productivity software. A low-resource consuming application is installed on all company computers, to which a specific set of rules are assigned. Organizations can choose by themselves which software and websites are considered unproductive. Moreover, the organizations can predefine the time interval of the day, during which this activity is tracked. Moreover, the administrators can restrict unproductive activities during work hours, which significantly limits distraction, one of the main productivity killers.

The data is automatically transferred and aggregated in the cloud, from which comprehensive productivity reports are then generated. The cloud infrastructure allows administrators to access the data from any device and see real-time reports on the go.

Time Inspector goes even further than tracking productivity. It contains a feature of taking screenshots that allows to track how employees use confidential information on their work devices, which can prevent sensitive corporate information being leaked.

Time Inspector doesn’t limit itself only to corporate users, it can efficiently serve home users too. Parental computer usage control is just of of the examples for home usage. The software is absolutely free for all home users.

“Distraction is a major productivity killer at any workplace. With Time Inspector, many organizations of any type can now restrict unproductive software and websites so that the employees can concentrate on their day-to-day tasks, which will benefit the organization as a whole, as well as help demonstrate better results for each member of the team.” says Alexey Pavlenko, CEO of Soft Integrator LLC.

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About Soft Integrator LLC

Founded in 2000, Soft Integrator LLC is an independent software development company specializing in professional multimedia software products. Soft Integrator’s product portfolio contains professional grade utilities for multimedia content management such as video, music and books. The company also provides innovative tools for cross-format audio conversions, tagging, as well as multimedia file editing, recording and burning to external drives.


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