Conversion Optimization Strategy White Paper


PayPro Global, an international provider of innovative tools and services to sell software online announced today about the release of the latest white paper: Conversion Optimization Strategy, which is available for download free of charge Here

The Conversion Optimization Strategy White Paper addresses the problem faced by today’s software enterprises – higher spending on acquisition that just do not bring the desired outcomes. Most software companies are currently stuck under the 5% conversion threshold on their websites, yet online advertising spending keeps going up. According to IAB’s Internet advertising revenue report 2012 full year results, internet advertising revenues totaled $36.57 billion, up 15% from the $31.74 billion reported in 2011. The data clearly shows that the gap between acquisition efforts and ability to convert online keeps widening.

Somewhere during the development of modern digital marketing, many organizations got stuck in the belief that more website traffic is the key factor of success. Most believers set out to prove it by counting impressions and clickthroughs as their primary metrics. Very quickly, they could prove the exact cost to acquire each of those clicks. Yet often the high bounce rate and link conversion are absent in this type of analysis.

The white paper gives an insight to the reader on how to develop an effective marketing mix to establish highly converting paths without applying dramatic changes to the overall website infrastructure and usability, which will eventually help close the gap between the high acquisition spending and ability to convert visitors into customers. The white paper contains insights such as:

  • Inside-out analysis of visitors’ journey toward conversion goals
  • Data mining and its application to deliver relevant and engaging content
  • Different categories of visitors and their paths
  • Guidelines on multi-channel conversion optimization and evolving consumer behavior
  • Insight on conversion path testing and eliminating roadblocks
  • Best practices in facilitating software sales

The Conversion Optimization White Paper is available for download free of charge Here

About PayPro Global

Founded in 2006, PayPro Global Inc. develops and hosts a flexible eCommerce platform to sell software, SaaS and cloud services. PayPro Global's mission is to deliver innovative solutions that help company's partners optimize conversion, increase shopping cart value and improve sales. The platform supports global payments, regional currencies, local payment methods and multilingual checkout. The company also offers software enterprises state-of-the-art licensing, activation and anti-piracy protection for their applications.

PayPro Global Inc is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with development centers in Ramat Gan, Israel and regional offices in New York, USA, and London, UK.