Tackling SaaS Churn White Paper


PayPro Global, the international ecommerce solutions provider of tools and services to sell software online, announced today the release of its latest white paper: Tackling SaaS Churn, which is available for download free of charge here.

Find out the root causes, impact of churn, pitfalls to avoid, as well as how to stop and prevent churn in SaaS business

SaaS companies are often confronted with churn problem after the start-up phase. Yet, surprisingly there is no widely accepted way to calculate churn. Ignoring this problem can be painful for a company on a medium and long run.

Get this white paper to gain insight on:

  • The nature and triggers of churn
  • How to calculate churn and align data correctly
  • The impact of churn on KPI’s and long-term company growth
  • Service industry best practices in churn management

SaaS companies often suffer from customer churn. Churn rates of 1% to 5% are common, sometimes they can escalate to whopping 15% – 20%. This can mean significant losses in yearly revenue. Ignoring churn can negatively affect a SaaS business in the following ways:

  • Sabotage medium and long-term growth
  • Lower overall company valuation
  • Increased customer acquisition costs
  • Decrease profitability

This white paper will help you establish a holistic approach to root out SaaS churn, drive referrals, more sales and improve overall company profitability.

The white paper is available free of charge Here

About PayPro Global

Founded in 2006, PayPro Global Inc. develops and hosts a flexible eCommerce platform to sell software, SaaS and cloud services. PayPro Global's mission is to deliver innovative solutions that help company's partners optimize conversion, increase shopping cart value and improve sales. The platform supports global payments, regional currencies, local payment methods and multilingual checkout. The company also offers software enterprises state-of-the-art licensing, activation and anti-piracy protection for their applications.

PayPro Global Inc is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with development centers in Ramat Gan, Israel and regional offices in New York, USA, and London, UK.