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Get answers to all your questions here. PayPro is giving answers to all common vendor questions.


Account setup/Pricing related questions

  • What is PayPro standard commission model including the sign-up price?
  • Free sign-up, no monthly fees, 4.9% +1 USD per transaction.
  • None of the offered pricing packages fit our business. Can we get our own pricing scheme?
  • Our standard transaction costs are 4.9% plus 1USD per transaction. Depending on monthly volumes, we can offer something different. Please visit our Micro ISVs and SMBs Solutions page for more information.
  • What is a standard contract term?
  • The contract term is 1 year.
  • Does your contract require any commitments for a vendor side, e.g. transaction volumes or revenue limitations during the contract period?
  • No, there is no commitment involved by default (not including cases when we create a custom solution for the vendor).
  • What is the notice period to cancel the contract?
  • In order to cancel the agreement with PayPro you need to notify us of 30 days prior.
  • Are there any fees associated with canceling?
  • No, no fee is paid when canceling a contract with PayPro.
  • Are there any product restrictions for selling through PayPro?
  • Please find a list of prohibited items when selling through PayPro Global here (also available for download).
  • What is a vendor payout interval?
  • The standard payment is monthly, we also support bi-monthly or weekly payout on demand.
    Payouts are processed on the fifteenth of every month and will cover the previous month sales. This means you will receive the sum that was available on your account at the end of the previous month. Use the “Minimum payout amount” field in the Control Panel> Profile> Payment information in order to control your payouts. A payout won’t be initiated until your end month balance reaches the specified minimum payout amount.
  • What payment methods are supported for payouts?
  • Payment Method/Fee
    • Payoneer pre-paid card - $2 USD
    • WebMoney - 1%+$5 USD
    • Wire Transfer - $21 USD
    • ACH (North America) - $3 USD
    • PayPal: For US & Canada – Free
    • PayPal Internationally - 2% (max $20 USD fee)
    • Check (EU and North America) - $4 USD
  • Do you charge any fees for refund processing?
  • We do not charge any additional fees for refunding, but we do not return PPG commission for the initial transaction.
  • Is it possible to become an affiliate in PayPro?
  • To become an affiliate for a PayPro seller a registered account in PayPro is needed. Registration is easy and takes just a few steps.
    1. Register as PayPro client here.
    2. Log in to your account using the login and password received via email upon registration.
    3. In "Partners" section choose whether you want to request a partnership or an affiliate agreement with another vendor using vendor's partner token.
      You will be able to select the products for your affiliation agreement and offer a specific commission.
    4. After the agreement is decided by both sides, the affiliate will find the links to product(s) order pages in the “Links” section. These are the links for affiliate to use when selling products of the vendor.

Technical and Integration related questions

  • Is there a possibility that PayPro supports integration and commission models in case of subscription based services?
  • We fully support subscription based services. We fully assist you with system integration.
  • How long will it take my team to integrate your platform?
  • Regarding integration, it’s very easy; we pretty much do everything for you to make your transition smooth.
    This is what we need from your side:
    1. Let us know if there are additional products besides the ones that we can see on your website (we will setup everything for you).
    2. A sample of the confirmation email that you wish to be sent to a customer when the order is complete.
    3. A Registration Key generator you use, if any.

    As for setting up all the products, templates design, volume discounts (if any), creating the templates etc., we will do everything for you and just provide you with the links to put on your website.
    So from your end, making the change would not take more than an hour for placing the links and integrating with our IPN (we can provide a script to save your time on this).
  • What are the integration requirements (technical/commercial/statutory)?
  • We do everything for you in order to integrate. After registering you will receive a confirmation that your account is active. Once that occurs we will also create a seamless payment page template for you to use.
  • First charge will differ from the following charges. Can this be managed with your subscription billing mechanism?
  • Our control panel allows you to setup first payment amount and all future payment amounts.
  • Can I edit subscription payment amounts for those subscribers that are already paying?
  • Yes, you can manage pricing for a product with active ongoing sales.
  • Can I schedule subscription payments for a specific day and then change the dates in the future?
  • Charge frequency and charge date can be set for each product. We also provide an option to delay first payment if required.
  • Can you provide us with a 'stream' of paid clients (xml based)?
  • PayPro is sending the IPN (instant payment notification - post http script) after every purchase. The IPN will include order details and shopper details.
  • Is it possible to use PayPro with WordPress?
  • Yes, it's possible to use PayPro in WordPress, just as easy as putting an HTML link to the order page with your products.

Customer Support related questions

  • Do you automatically get in touch with clients to prompt them to pay, update billing details etc.?
  • Yes, an automatic email is sent to each client before their payment is due/credit card expiry and a template is available for setting this up.
    In some cases PayPro Customer Support calls buyers. We also follow-up with emails and calls in case if subscriptions are not renewed and in case if any difficulties encounter when processing the payment. No payment information is passed over the phone. The purpose of contacting the customers is only to provide assistance during the purchasing process.
  • What are possible scenarios of a customer getting an automated email notification?
    1. Payment due information (Recurring payments).
    2. Credit card expiry.
    3. Purchase confirmation email.
    4. Renewed subscription follow-up.
    5. Order cancellation email.
    6. Lead follow-ups.
    7. Special offer (subscription, bundle, coupon offer etc.).

    Email notifications can be set up in advance and turned on and off per request.
  • Can customers call Support Center with a request for assistance?
  • Yes, PayPro Customer Support is providing phone assistance 24/7 during the week (including weekends and holidays). We also provide multilingual phone support: English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, and Korean.
  • How long is an average customer request processed by Customer Support Center?
  • All customer requests are processed within the same day. Please, find our Support request forms here:
  • How do you handle buyers who didn't complete the purchase (didn't pay for the product), are they removed from the subscriber stream or are they flagged somehow?
  • Such buyers are considered as leads and you can use our Lead Management System to convert them into customers (product users). The system has a built-in feature for sending automatic follow-up emails.
  • Do customers receive an invoice?
  • PayPro issues an invoice for every purchase which is available for download in Customer Admin purchase history.
  • How are local taxes being handled?
  • PayPro manages all the taxes. For EU we are collecting VAT according to the international rules of VAT and sending it to the state of the purchaser. For Canada the GST and HST is collected and sent to the Canadian Gov.
  • Do you provide real-time support (Phone/Email/Live chat)? What is your average response time on support request?
  • Yes, PayPro Support includes phone support for English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Korean. Average response time is 17 minutes.
  • Why are some orders being processed manually?
  • PayPro is making sales process secure for both our clients and their customers. In some cases we process orders with manual verification. This is necessary in order to protect you and your customers from possible fraudulent transactions.


Don't know what a term or an abbreviation means? We have all the industry definitions for you right here.

an added value reseller, organization that generates extra income for the site or software owner, by the use of links or from their own marketing efforts.
Authorization hold
when a product is purchased online via a credit card or debit card, the value of the sale is reserved against the value of the product price. This process can be held by a bank or acquiring credit card company until the transaction is cleared for payment by the merchant, The held balance is made unavailable during this period.
Canceled order
a type of order which got rejected by the fraud management system. The following order can no longer be processed therefore the payment for this order cannot be completed.
a process when a payment has been disputed by a customer requiring from the credit card company a repayment from the issuing bank the amount in dispute.
Cloud computing
a service or software or both made available online by a service provider or software company.
Complementary product
a product or service that is worth the same value or matches the same product type.
an increase of sales as a direct result of an action, measurable in a ratio between a number of website visitors and product purchasers.
Coupon code
a unique code generated manually or automatically to be used as a marketing tool offered to promote extra sale.
Credit Card Issuer
an associated bank or financial institution that issued the card holder with the card.
a marketing strategy for promoting complementary products at the stage of submitting the initial order.
card verification value, the three digit number printed on the signature strip of most credit cards. It's use is to prevent card fraud by proving the card is in possession at the time of use.
Declined order (transaction)
a sale that has been rejected for a particular reason by the card issuing bank so that the final sale is not fulfilled. The order can be still processed after this state.
Deferred payment
a delayed payment for the purchase, the time of which is confirmed by the vendor, meaning that the buyer receives product first and completes the payment later at the assigned term.
an email marketing strategy initiated in order to effect additional opportunities and or new developments.
a purpose of deliberately cheating the vendor into supplying a product and/or service without payment
Fraud management
a process of initiating a level of security activity and controls to protect and prevent fraud in any and all instances that it may occur.
Initial purchase
the first time a product or service is bought by a consumer.
a final value or total amount owed for a sale, presented in an itemized statement format for payment.
Issuing bank
a bank responsible for the issue of a credit card to the buyer.
ISV (independent software vendor)
a company specializing in making or selling software, designed for mass or niche markets.
Lead nurturing
a process of converting sales leads into customers by applying several marketing strategies.
Local payment method
a type of payment method which reffers to a particular country, region or area.
Order ID
a unique number given to every order in the system.
Payment gateway
a place where online transactions are processed, these are independent service providers that provide the tools to process payments from customers via banks to businesses.
Payment processor
a third party organization appointed by merchants to handle credit card payment via acquiring banks.
Payment Service Provider
are companies that provide services typically via saas to online vendors/merchants allowing them to accept payments through a variety of payment methods including credit cards.
payment card industry, is an independent organization that certifies the authenticity of a merchant.
Phone order
a type of order which doesn't require creadit card details being filled at the order page online, however requires a buyer to call the paymrnt processing company and provide the credit card details over the phone.
Product ID
a unique identification number issued for each individual product in the system.
Purchase confirmation email
an email which confirms the order fulfillment, sometimes including the product license information, which is sent to the customer after the purchase is successfully completed.
Purchase order
an order made in writing for a particular product or service that includes an agreed purchase price.
Real-time bank transfer
a payment method which requires an agreed amount of money being transfered directly from one bank to another receiving bank.
Recurring payment
a payment which repeats over a preset amount of time, typically monthly and yearly.
a return of the full purchase amount to the buyer per request which follows the refund policy.
SaaS (software as a service)
a e-sales model in which software and associated data are hosted on the cloud (online).
SMB (small-medium business)
a company the revenue of which is between 1m usd and 10m usd per year.
Ticket system
a method of supplying support customers an individual numbered ticket in reference to their inquiry.
a marketing strategy for increasing revenue by offering a higher or premium version of the initially purchased product.
VAT (Value added tax)
a tax on service or goods, the value is set from country to country and must be added to the final purchase price.
Wire transfer
a method of electronically transferring money from one account into another bank account authorized by the buyer.