Advanced Billing System

Schedule payments for your customers according to your business model. Implement your own sales strategy.
Stay in control when charging your customers.

Advanced Billing System

One-time Charge - Overview

A standard billing scheme:

  • Customer is charged once when purchasing a product or a service.
  • No further payments are required for the product/service.
  • This scheme applies to all payment methods and regions.

Recurring Payment - Overview

Flexible subscriptions:

  • Setup a billing plan for your product/service users.
  • Define the date of the first charge and all the recurring payments.
  • Apply various currencies and discounts.
  • Regularly charge customers either via Credit Card or PayPal.

Deferred Payment - Overview

Delay the payments:

  • Suspend the charge for the product/service purchase.
  • Implement a trial, freemium or demo sales strategy.
  • Postpone subscription plans.