Product Pricing

An elegant solution for managing product pricing.

Have complete control over product pricing using either fixed or dynamic pricing schemes.

Product Pricing

Smart Pricing - Overview

PayPro offers a fast and efficient product pricing solution:

  • Assign different prices to your product depending on the currency.
  • Enable a smart sales strategy in various regions of your market.
  • Save your time on product settings.
Smart Product Pricing
Relative Product Pricing

Relative Pricing - Overview

  • Provide additional offers relative to cart value.
  • Define a product's price as a percentage of the order total value.
  • Provide maximum and minimum values for prices preventing overcharging and undercharging.
  • Strategically sell complementary products.

Dynamic Pricing - Overview

  • Setup prices for different products and services without creating numerous setting variations in the system.
  • Apply dynamic pricing for a single product, product bundle, or a product with many add-ons.
  • Assign dynamic prices in more than one currency.
  • Encrypt your pricing data for security. Read more.