Smart Cross-Sell

Strategically engage customers during the product browsing and checkout process:

  • State-of-the-art promotion campaigns for complementary products.
  • Enhance your cross-selling strategy with no risk of shopping cart abandonment.
  • Setup and control the way your products are promoted.
Smart Cross-Sell

What is Smart Cross-Sell?

Stop wasting your time and effort on outdated ineffective cross-selling techniques. Instead start cross-selling intelligently with PayPro.

With Smart Cross-Sell you can safely promote your complementary products (add-ons, premium support, bundles etc.) after the main purchase has already been processed meaning there’s no risk of unnerving your valued customers.

The Benefits of Smart Cross-sell

Customizable Cross-sell Pop-ups
Advanced Tree/Chain Setup
  • Adjust pop-up design according to your website layout and product brand
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Customer-friendly Promotion
  • Promotion appears when your customer has already paid for their initial purchase.
  • Customer is given a choice either to accept or decline the cross-sell offer.
  • The additional purchase is automaticaly processed when the offer is accepted.

Experience Purchasing with Cross-sell Promotion

Shopper found some products that he wants to buy on your website.
He goes to the checkout page and submits his order.
The payment is processed.
Your customer sees a pop-up with a special offer to purchase complementary products. He can choose to accept or decline the offer.