War in Ukraine.

To our Friends, our customers
old and new, and to all
peace-loving people who want
to end the aggression against Ukraine.

The tattoo industry is one of the most open and peaceful sections of our society, formed by artists who strive to bring beauty and joy to others.

With this in mind, tattoo artists from studios around the world find themselves both extremely saddened and incredibly worried by the ongoing situation in Ukraine. In these unprecedented times, the tattoo industry’s most renowned artists, studios, and equipment suppliers have got together to provide direct aid to the independent, peaceful and democratic country of Ukraine and its people.

Luckily, our friends at PayPro Global have created a payment portal that sells symbolic digital goods, accepting purchases from around the world in all preferred currencies and payment methods, both local and global.

bootique tatto
dr gritz
grey art
make tatto

The proceeds from the sale of these digital goods will directly support the Ukrainian Defense effort. In this case, our team of tattoo artists has created a set of 6 images representing the strong cultural heritage of Ukraine. By purchasing these unique artworks, you will be directly supporting the freedom of Ukraine and its people.

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