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PayPro Global has been part of the industry for more than 10 years. Throughout all this time, we have learned that in order to properly secure your commerce and safely operate worldwide to achieve your place in the global digital market, online businesses must take part in an ongoing and dynamic journey. This means that while being focused on applicable regulations and international laws, which guarantee a legal, fair and safe ecommerce sphere, PayPro Global:


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  • Examines the impact of every decision made within the company, thus sustaining and encouraging the best industry-proven practices which directly contribute to the company’s continuity and growth.
  • Conducts surveys, as well monitoring procedures, constantly assessing all current suppliers within PayPro Global’s product portfolio.
  • Upgrades system tools and infrastructure in line with the most reliable information technology practices.
  • Informs each corporate department’s personnel, as well as external partners on their obligations within applicable guidelines, laws and regulations.
  • Ensures a consistent risk management programme within the company, extending it towards all involved parties.
  • Updates all relevant policies and procedures in a timely manner with further fulfillment control.
  • Promptly implements any required procedures and policies related to information security and company operations to be able to take corresponding measures in any situation.
  • Closely verifies each supplier’s sign-up application, considering both internal and external regulations, prohibited product policies, and risk management requirements.
  • Re-initiates the internal security awareness and data protection training on a monthly basis.
  • Provides the company’s Data Protection Officer with all the resources to carry out all corresponding tasks on a regular basis, including the supervision of semiannual risk & gap assessments.
  • Keeps company agreements and documents accurate in terms of internal data processing alongside third-party data processing.
  • Constantly reviews its data retention practices for each corresponding data owner department of the company.
  • Establishes techniques, guidelines and measures to detect, restrict and permanently exclude incorrect or unnecessary data processing.
  • Adheres at all times to principles such as data privacy by default and data privacy by design, alongside other valuable data protection attainments.
  • Firmly abides by the principles outlined under the Anti-Money laundering, Anti-Terrorism and Know Your Customer compliance.
  • Undergoes both internal and external audits with the purpose of enhancing information security and safety of our customers, suppliers, partners and employees.
  • Strictly follows PCI-DSS Level 1 requirements alongside comprehensive data transfer standards and cultivates its processing flow from other industry-proven certifications.
  • Monitors and regularly improves tools and procedures for individuals to contact us regarding their privacy including the whole range of data protection rights that involve but are not limited to explanation of data collection, correction of inaccurate data, objection and deletion requests, or simply to get a copy of their data in machine-readable format.
  • Delivers a wide range of techniques, procedures and technical measures to combat fraud using all reasonable means possible to ensure beneficial commerce for PayPro Global customers, suppliers and all other interested parties.
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