The Products section is dedicated to the full list of products currently available in your catalogue, featuring affiliate specific information: product commission, recurring purchases commission, coverage (markets for which you have defined a specific product to be available) and the product’s status (active/ inactive).


Each of the products listed here can be updated at any time, using edit button – this will open a dedicated window, allowing you to update settings which include:

  • the commission for affiliates
  • the recurring commission
  • whether or not the commission % is to be calculated using the net value
  • whether or not you wish to credit affiliates for on-page cross-sell, pop-up cross-sell and up-sell
edit commission

Once you have accessed the editing area of a specific product you can also customize its visual marketing components:

  • Product logo – you can upload your favorite artwork for this product, to be used by your affiliates in the campaigns promoting your product
  • Banner – upload you preferred banner design for your affiliates to use when promoting this product
  • Trial version – if you wish to allow your affiliates to offer their visitors a free trial version of your product (as a lead gathering tactic), simply input the URL leading to the trial version package for this product
edit media

Once you are done setting up your products for affiliate promotion, you are ready to proceed to the next step of the process: defining your affiliate campaigns.

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