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Startups Plan CloudCommerce Enterprise
Store Management
Advanced Store Settings
Data import / export (products, customers, licenses, subscriptions, orders)
Advanced multi-currency pricing setup
Distribution channels management (direct, affiliates, partners)
Regional pricing
Multiple stores management (unified dashboard)
User access management
Multilingual shopping carts (PCI Compliant)
Mobile commerce
Digital & Physical Fulfillment
Service activation & entitlement management
Electronic delivery (email and/or instant)
License key management
Secure product files hosting
Back-up CD or DVD (paper sleeve or box)
Physical delivery (memory stick or box delivery)
“Download Insurance” service
Shipping rates setup
APIs and Notifications
Any model API (subscriptions, orders, products) Advanced
Push notifications (IPN)
Orders and Customers Management
Multiple orders and amendments
Automatic and manual renewals, trial and grace periods, add-on orders
Payment and invoicing operations
Tax and VAT handling
Self-service customer account
Customer Management Console
Flexible Pricing and Billing
Pricing Configuration
Instant pricing & catalog configuration
Upgrades and downgrades (on order page and API)
Trials and freemiums support
Subscriptions APIs & push notifications
Regional pricing (per country and region, IP based)
Smart price rounding
Dynamic pricing (encrypted, non-encrypted settings)
Smart pricing (combinations, selections)
SKU support
Billing Setup
Metered or Usage-Based Billing
Recurring billing & Rating engine
Flexible billing plans
Selling & Onboarding
Hosted checkout/subscription pages
Ordering APIs
Data portability (import / export customer data)
Distributed order management
Checkout localization
Product localization management
Onboarding assistance
Subscription Management
Subscriptions management
Multiple billing and renewal models
Channel enabled sales
Refunds management
Customized email templates and tracking
Automated dunning management
Complete testing system
Smart payment routing
Automatic and manual renewals (vendor and customer)
Freemium, grace period, trial period
Subscription API and IPN
Global Payments
Payments management
Multiple payment methods (4 traditional, 11 electronic, 72 local) ALL ALL ALL
Global billing currencies ALL ALL ALL
Multilingual eCommerce interface ALL ALL ALL
Customized checkout pages
Integrated multiple payment processors
One time & recurring payments automation
Payment API and IPN
Back Office Support
Merchant services
Complete VAT and sales tax collecting & handling
Refund and chargeback management
Affiliate payment processing
Partners payment processing
Vendor-to-vendor transfers
Automated reconciliation and invoicing
Optimization tools
Built-in retry mechanisms
Advanced payment routing
Recurring payment methods (incl. reminders)
Account updater service (Visa/MC)
PayPro Lab
Country-specified payment options
Privacy and Anti-fraud Controls
Advanced automatic and manual anti fraud system
Refund and chargeback management
PCI Compliant transaction pages
Marketing & Sales Tools
PayPro store
Customizable automated emails
Email marketing tools (including tracking)
Affiliate and partner cross-selling
Lead management (order recovery & followup services)
Checkout template builder
Custom templates
Promotion campaign builder (cross-sell, up-sell, trial)
Reporting & Analytics
Reporting System
Standard reporting (predefined reports)
Business intelligence (custom reporting and scheduled reports)
Shopping cart web analytics
Subscriptions metrics & reporting (churns, conversions, cohorts, MRR/ARR)
Behaviour (page actions)
Sold Products
Geo reports
Powerful Analytics (PayPro Lab)
Products report
In-depth product analysis
A/B Testing
Product Distribution
Affiliate System
Affiliates platform
Network Builder
Subscription attribution models
External order tracking solution
Reporting system
Partners System
Partner management
Order and invoice management
Order approval and licenses allocation
Subscription management
Multiple pricing schemes
Multiple payment methods
End-customer registration system
Comprehensive reporting
Developer Tools
Custom support phone numbers
Scheduled reports
IPN simulator
Purchase link generator
Vendor and Customer Oriented Services
Vendor Services
Technical support
Trainings (setup, on boarding) Self Service Assisted Advanced
Business performance reviews Quarterly Monthly
Ongoing account management
24 x 7 service availability monitoring
24 x 7 knowledge center
Online chat support
Personal account manager
Integration manager
Solution engineer
Accounting Services
Payment period Flexible Flexible Flexible
Payment methods Payoneer, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, ACH, PayPal, Check Payoneer, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, ACH, PayPal, Check Payoneer, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, ACH, PayPal, Check
Payment currencies over 20 (balance in USD, CAD,AUD, Euro, GBP) over 20 (balance in USD, CAD,AUD, Euro, GBP) over 20 (balance in USD, CAD,AUD, Euro, GBP)
Payment destinations Multiple Multiple Multiple
Customer Support
Customer support – channels and availability 24/7 email and phone 24/7 email and phone 24/7 email and phone
Customer support – response time Email – 30 min, Phone – 25 sec Email – 30 min, Phone – 25 sec Email – 30 min, Phone – 25 sec
Localized customer call center support international international international
Expert fraud management / screening
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