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“When we saw the volume of processed orders and the recovery rate for lost orders delivered by PayPro Global we were simply stunned. They raised our conversion rates by 10% after just 1 month!”

Successfully monetize your business model while
adapting to current market challenges

Subscriptions Management


Develop a strong base of long term customers for your online services and secure a steady revenue stream through our smart subscription management system. Choose the most suitable billing mechanism for your services, decide when and how your customers will pay (according to your business model) and let them select their preferred method of payment (via card or PayPal), while the PayPro Global teams ensure your business’ continuity and security.

Test various sales models – trials, freemiums, demo sales – to engage different customer profiles and validate the best performing model for each segment and service.

Recurring Billing


PayPro’s recurring billing & subscription management system is as flexible as it is powerful. Customize multiple aspects of your PayPro account to accommodate your online software sales specifics and requirements:

  • define billing cycles, including duration, frequency and currency with just a few clicks
  • choose between manual and automatic renewal and attract new customers through grace or trial periods
  • easily create and implement upsell strategies to upgrade your customer base to superior subscription levels
  • access the PayPro subscription API and further optimize the way you manage your recurring revenue streams

Fast Integration


Access the global marketplace and start selling your software, online services or digital goods almost instantly.
When you sign up with PayPro Global you automatically gain an entire team dedicated to your success, from branding alignment throughout your entire online presence to integrating PayPro with your CRM and other existing systems.

We deliver fast to give you a competitive head start.

Conversion Optimization


Optimize your conversion rate and its progression throughout the entire customer lifecycle using our enhanced A/B testing tools and resources. Test multiple designs and mechanisms for your checkout pages (single page, multi-page, mobile) with the help of our experienced implementation teams and increase your sales by gaining a thorough understanding of your customers’ profile and expectations.

Further increase your customer conversion and retention rates using advanced sales tools: cross-selling and up-selling and user-friendly upgrade & renewal features. Dramatically reduce your customers’ churn rate through PayPro’s dunning system, keeping your customers close and loyal to your products and services.


Customer Self-Service


Empower your customers as they enjoy uninterrupted control over their purchased software or services through their PayPro Customer Account, their personal details and all their online purchasing settings. The self-help resources available in the Customer Account and our experienced team of customer support specialists, offering assistance in multiple languages, guarantee an excellent experience for your customers and more time & resources for you to allocate to developing your business.

Build rich, longlasting relationship and expand your e-commerce business resting assured that at PayPro Global excellence in customer support is top priority.

Business Analytics


Use the wide collection of predefined reports available with just a click in our e-commerce solution to gain a deep understanding of how your SaaS & online services sales are progressing and to identify the factors and strategies which will help you grow further.

Asses in a glance ongoing situations, react quickly to customer & market trends and make well documented decisions regarding your business strategy – all based on the wealth of information we provide you. Create your own reports, to receive the information most important to you in the most relevant format, and distribute them to key members of your team, through our smart multi-user access system.

See first hand how our sales and marketing tools can amplify your sales!