Your data is safe with us!

Protecting the customers’ information

Who are we?

You provide us with various personal details and we, as one of the few companies holding PCI DSS Level 1 (the highest security standards for payment companies) ensure the safest environment for the process to take place in an encrypted manner, in which no one, not even our teams, can read your payment information.

Who are you?

You are the direct customer of PayPro Global, an authorized reseller of software, SaaS, digital goods. PayPro Global partners with software companies to resell their products in our store and on our checkout pages. You provide us with various personal details which are necessary for completing a purchase, and we ensure a safe environment for the processing to take place. PayPro Global fully recognizes the importance of data security and privacy, respecting the individual’s rights and meeting the requirements of applicable data protection laws in force.

What data do we collect?

PayPro Global collects personal information from you, the customer and companies, as it is necessary for carrying out our activity. The data collected may come via different sources and those are as follows:

  • The information you willingly provide us with on the checkout page, via correspondence and other communication and system channels.
  • Information gathered automatically through conducted transactions.
  • Information received from our fraud monitoring providers and payment partners involved.
  • Information gathered by means of tracking technologies such as cookies.

The data collected and/or processed by PayPro Global falls into the following categories:

  • Contact and delivery information
  • Billing information
  • Financial and payment data
  • Geo-location data (IP address)
  • Verification documents (if applicable)
  • Technical data (cookies)

Why are we collecting data?

PayPro Global uses your personal information to complete all processing activities. Therefore, all your personal details, depending on their nature will be used to conduct the following activities:

  • To process and fulfill orders
  • To deliver purchased products
  • To provide details and notify about the status of your orders and transactions
  • To communicate with our customers regarding their transactions
  • To collect taxes
  • To ensure maximum security
  • To enhance shopping experiences
  • To assist you in addressing various issues that may occur

At the same time, PayPro Global may use your personal information in a manner authorized by applicable data security and privacy regulations for purposes related to:

  • Customer service
  • Product and systems updates
  • Business activities
  • Fraud prevention
  • Security
  • Anti – money laundering

With whom are we sharing data?

PayPro Global may share personal information for the reasons already mentioned and in a manner authorized by applicable rules and regulations with the following entities:

  • Developer companies: PayPro Global will share your contact data with the product developers our company collaborates with in order to fulfill all contractual obligations related to the purchase. These obligations include, but are not limited to, product/service delivery, product updates, ongoing support.
  • Service providers: PayPro Global may share your personal information to third parties in order to conduct activities which may include, but are not limited to, providing technical means for communication, customer service improvement, fraud monitoring, accounting and tax reporting, enhancing system security.
  • Business partners PayPro Global collaborates with a number of third-party business partners in order to perform our services. Depending on the payment method you have selected, your payment data can be shared with PayPro Global payment partners such as PayPal or other corresponding payment entities which include banks to process credit and debit card data.

What is PayPro Global doing to secure data protection and security?

Due to global technological advancement, companies are gaining an increased amount of data about their clients, information that needs to be protected. PayPro Global has made its priority to ensure data security and privacy. Therefore, we have created a set of rules and regulations which both PayPro Global and its partners recognize and respect. By means of these strict regulations, we are firm believers that data privacy is obtained.

Also, by means of physical, technical and administrative measures that have been implemented, PayPro Global protects customer data from disclosure, unauthorized access and/or accidental loss.

PayPro Global adheres to the highest standards of security and data processing annually re-certified as a PCI DSS compliant provider of services.

At the same time, PayPro Global is fully GDPR compliant, meeting all requirements. All customers have particular rights regarding their personal data that ought to be respected. All companies selling their products or providing services need to be aware of these rights and examine them closely. The most important rights of an individual in terms of data privacy include:

  • The right to access their data
  • The right to rectify their data
  • The right to be informed about how their data is processed
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to request their data to be erased in accordance with applicable regulations and data retention cycles
  • The right to request the restriction of processing
  • The right to object to particular instances of data processing

Any questions?

Should you have questions, comments or requests, please use the following link to contact PayPro Global’s dedicated Data Protection Officer.

We would be happy to help.

Thank you!