In this section you will find information about:

This section is dedicated to the analysis & management of your secondary sales channel – your affiliates distribution network.

When first accessing the section you will see the initial dashboard presenting an overview of the status of your current affiliate operations – revenue generated through affiliates, number of orders, sum of customers acquired as well as the number of subscriptions sold by your affiliates. This will help you gain a quick understanding of how your current affiliate campaigns are performing, their impact on your client base and the segment of revenue generated by subscriptions.

To round up your perspective on the affiliate network’s evolution, we have also included a centralized board of reseller requests, from which you can quickly review and update the status of these requests.


You can also consult the report containing the most recent orders received through your affiliate network, with essential details regarding products sold, revenue generated, the commission paid to affiliate per order and the status of the order.

Lastly, your top performing affiliates are ranked in a concise report, reflecting the highest revenue generated by your partners, giving you the insights you need when deciding upon your next campaigns and your future incentivizing strategies for your affiliate network.