Trial promotions

Trial promotions are a great way for your potential customers to test and familiarize themselves with your product or service, before making a purchase. You can create an unlimited amount of product/service trials and control their availability as needed – activate and deactivate them easily, whenever you wish to.

The Trial Promotions dashboard view presents a list of all your current and former campaigns, sorted by the date of creation and their status (active/ inactive). You can edit the settings and status of your campaigns at any time, by accessing their individual editing menu.


To create a new promotion simply click on Add_Trial_Promotion_Button.

As with all newly created items in your Control Panel, it is recommended that your select a suggestive name for your new trial promotion, which will enable you to quickly find it upon future searches and to connect it with its target product/service and the period during which it was active.


Use the description box to enter relevant details regarding the product, the period for which the campaign is active and whether this offer was part of a bigger promotional campaign.

All this information will later on help you interpret the campaign’s effectiveness and results, correlate its results with other actions you may have undertaken during its duration and draw well documented conclusions regarding the best tactics, the most successful products, the most attractive pricing, etc.

Next select which products you want to include in the current trial promotion, from the list of products currently available in your catalogue.


Before moving on to the next step, to create the offer(s) attached to your trial promotion, please consider activating the A/B testing functionality.

We highly recommend using A/B testing whenever you are running trial promotions in order to gain valuable insight into your potential buyers’ profile, their preferences regarding the promotion types, elements which trigger positive reactions and the most efficient purchase incentives.


Choose between 1 of the 2 criteria available for performance evaluation:

  • First promotion to reach X number of downloads
  • The promotion with the best results obtained within a specific period of time, defined by you here

At the end of the A/B testing period (determined according to the success parameter you have chosen), you can opt to continue running the promotion with the best results achieved or to automatically run a specific promotion which you select from the list of existing promotions.

To add another test configuration click Add_New_Offer_Button.

For more information about A/B testing your campaigns, go to the “Performance tests ” section in this Knowledge Base.

Create a new offer by setting up its name (according to the product it will promote) and adding a relevant, marketing oriented description.

Select the full version of the product from the product list, entering the download link for the product’s trial version. You can now upload your trial artwork that will appear in the offer.

Important: please keep in mind that the information entered here (name and description) is the information which will be publicly displayed to all your potential buyers during the campaign. As such, please allocate some time to generate a compelling description and doublecheck for any potential errors before saving your offer’s settings.

Clicking Save_Button saves all the changes and creates your trial promotion. One offer can include unlimited number of free trials.