PayPro Global Lab

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PayPro Global Lab is the business performance “analytical brain” of your PayPro Global account, a vast source of business knowledge drawn from the data gathered from your online sales. The collected data is presented in an easy to understand and comprehensive manner, developed by our ecommerce specialists in the PayPro Global team.

PayPro Global Lab offers you the most important metrics, best industry recommendations and all of our knowledge, accumulated over the many years of practical experience in the ecommerce business.

Every type of activity which impacts your online business can be monitored and analysed within our Lab database, through our powerful reporting system. Your sales data is gathered and measured over time from areas such as: direct online sales, affiliate sales, lead management and performance testing (A/B testing) activity. With the assistance of our PayPro Global Lab features your are now able to focus on each and every product campaign you run, actively measure results in real-time or check your monthly analytics.